Coen Brothers

Sorry, Alien, but the Coens are another overrated Tarantino phenomenon. Fargo was grand, but it has been downhill all the way after that.

Sorry, Alien, but the Coens are another overrated Tarantino phenomenon. Fargo was grand, but it has been downhill all the way after that.[/quote]

I beg to differ! O’ Brother was phenomenal, Big Lebowski too. And with Fargo, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona and Barton Fink on the C.V, it’s more hit than miss with these boys.
Sadly, I didn’t like their last two, The Man Who Wasn’t There, and this latest one. I do however disappointed I’ve been recently, look forward to The Ladykillers

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I agree with Alien on the Coens. Great movies and Fargo was not the greatest.[/quote]

Do you want me to pull a “Cold Front” on you, you ____________?

Fargo is one of the best films of all time.

Have to agree on Fargo being one of the best. One of my Canadian friends said watching that movie, with everyone bundled up, made him want to go to Tim Horton’s (sort of like Starbucks, from what I understand). get a big cup of coffee and shoot the breeze with the locals.

Has anyone else seen Matchstick Men? Plodding… Then again, who am I to judge? I think Mars Attack is one of the best movies. Right up there with the Scent of Green Papaya.

Just to chime in on the Coen bros…

Blood Simple… great
Fargo… great
Barton Fink… think I liked that one best. What was it about agian?
Raising Arizona… kooky but good.
Big Lebowski… hmmm enetertaining but kind of scattered and IMO failed in many senses.
Oh brother… only watched it once… but didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

Intolerable cruelty… after hearing Alien’s dis, I don’t think i could sit through it.

Kill Bill? I’m skeptical but I’ll go in with an open mind. The concept of Tarantino doing a kung fu flick makes me think he is incredibly short on ideas lately.
28 days later?.. Zombies are way cool… I’m so there on that one.

Alien, you didn’t like The Man Who Wasn’t There? I thought it was stunning. Its my second-favourite after Fargo. And Akosh, Big Lebowski failed? With John Turturro in a skintight shiny jumpsuit and you say it failed? :wink:

:laughing: Jesus cleaning his balls!

Not a big Billy Bob fan, Sandman. And I didn’t get the joke with that one. Felt it was a bit gloomy.

That’s the thing with their films. They sort of tend to appeal to different “Coenists” in different weird, black, and mental ways.
My 5 faves in order:

Big Lebowski
O’ Brother Where Art Thou
Raising Arizona
Blood Simple

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well, Ok… though I didn’t say it was completely without its merits.

Haven’t seen The man who wasn’t there, nor heard of it until now. Taiwan will do that to you. Makes me wonder what else I’ve missed.

Returning to Kill Bill… Does anyone else here think that it is a complete scam that that movie was turned into two… What a scam I say! Audiences should revolt and stay away from this movie. Is this the legacy that TLOTR has left us? No knocking Jackson, he at least gives us 3 hrs and then some of eye-candy every time. Is this the way our children will view movies forever more; having to pay double the price just for some sense of closure? It’s time we got tough with these autocratic hollywood types and held them accountable. Where does it stop? Geez… I’m beginning to sound like Fred Smith and Formosa combined.

That being said… Since all I’ve read about it says that it dishes out the gore, I’ll swallow my righteous indignation and pony up.

Duh. I meant it was not the greatest of their movies. It’s still great, but I liked The Big Lebowski best.


How come no-one has mentioned The Hudsucker Proxy?

Yes, ‘Hudsucker Proxy’ is a pretty good film but my favourite Coen Bros films are ‘Fargo’ and ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’, amazing black and white cinematography in that film. What about Jim Jarmusch?? I think some of his films are amazing. I love ‘Mystery Train’ and ‘Down by Law’. I saw ‘Kill Bill’ a few days ago and I found it really boring. I think the script was really weak and therefore it became just a mindless action film which I can only watch for so long without wanting to chop my own head off with a samurai sword. I liked’ Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Pulp Fiction but ‘Kill Bill’ was crap. My brother liked it but he thinks the ‘Fast and the’ Furious’ is a good film. Need I say more. Cheers Erick

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Let’s hope The Ladykillers will be a good one.
It’s Tom Hanks first Coen Bro film.

See trailer and clips here:

What’s up with this “the last 3 or 4 movies we made were all updates of '30s screwballs”? I never even cared for any of the films I’ve seen in the original genre in the first place. Well, except for Capra’s Mr. Deeds Goes To Town (source material for The Hudsucker Proxy, which did in-Deed Hudsuck). Man, I wish they’d go back to making stuff like Blood Simple and Raising Arizona - they’ve really lost their edge of late.

Agreed. My favourite is still Fargo. I love black comedies, and they seem to have moved away from those. Blood Simple was more of a black comedy too.

But I thought Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona and O’ Brother were great, and they were sort of along the ‘screwball’ lines.

I wish they wouldn’t overplay the characters, like blow them up so much. The understated ones have always been their most memorable.
From the trailer, it looks like Hanks is on a roll, and the old black woman schtick has been done again and again, by young black men, namely Eddie Murphy and that other guy, Martin somebody.

[quote=“Alien”]Let’s hope The Ladykillers will be a good one.
It’s Tom Hanks first Coen Bro film.

See trailer and clips here:[/quote]

Oh, yawn! Another bloody remake. Hard to believe the Ealing Studios original could be improved upon. Who’s gonna replace Alec Guinness, Herbert Lom, Peter Sellers, Frankie Howerd, etc.

I loved Fargo. I first saw it when I was living in South Korea, and it made me so homesick. God the scenery looked like home.

O Brother, The Hudsucker Proxy, and Fargo were all awesome, but my personal favorite by far was Raising Arizona.

What exactly was wrong with Intolerable Cruelty? Not a great film, somewhat predictible, but I thought it was entertaining. Also liked Fargo and Raising Arizona but I simply couldn’t get into Blood Simple.

I liked Intolerable Cruelty, but it wasn’t their greatest movie.