Coffee and wine; Italy or France wine Italy or France

Italy > France or France > Italy
Italy > France or France > Italy

Yes generalization and not meant seriously but if you had to decide which country was overall better at producing wine or making coffee which one? :slight_smile:


England > everyone else for beer

If I really have to pick I would go with

Coffee: Italy
Wine: France, but it’s a very close call

Frankly, given the variety both countries have to offer, I think this question does not make too much sense.

Off topic: sorry but I feel Germany & Belgium > England for beer

Coffee: France > Italy (espresso is just pointless)
Wine: France > Italy
Beer: England > everywhere else (although exporting shite like Boddington’s around the globe isn’t the best advert for English beer)
Lager: Germany > everywhere else

France is the best for lots and lots of things. Just don’t say it too loudly as there might be some French people listening…

Fenlander, I agree with you:

Coffee: Italy, with no doubt.

Wine: Italy with no doubt, if cost is a consideration {the value for price is generally much better than France in my opinion). But if cost is not not consideration, then the question is moot – both, because each have incredible and unique wines!

Well, Coffee: France > Italy!