Coffee drinkers in Japan have poor English skills

Enjoy the pictures if you can’t read Chinese

Japanese 7-Elevens have rolled out self-serve coffee machines with just four options: regular or large/hot or cold. Yet apparently this high-level English is too much for a lot of customers, prompting them to complain and store to put on these really makeshift signs explaining that regular means regyuraa and hot means hotto.

So… who said Taiwanese people are bad at English?

To be fair, before my morning coffee my English is pretty bad too…

For people who don’t read Japanese: The text underneath hot and above R reads (in Japanese) “reguraa.” Yes, it’s just regular. In Japanese kana. The other says “raaji,” which is their bastardization of large. Rather an exercise in pointlessness.

maybe it’s laarji and legyulaa.

Those Japanese Rs and Ls are confusing.