Coffee Enema

After many years in Taiwan and having seen some absurd products sold on cable TV and I just say that I had one of the biggest laughs today. Yes you can lose weight with

Just don’t try a pineapple enema. :shock:

I know what I’m ordering next time I get served by a cutie-pie in Starbucks.

“I’ll have a medium double-shot latte, please, up the arse if you don’t mind. Oh, and perhaps you could cram one of those potato pies up there while you’re at it…”

I wouldn’t touch this thread with a 10-foot ______!!! :shock:

Sandman wrote:

Now we know that Sandman is just code for S&M. :shock:

If you want to try out TV advert products before buying, there’s a useful shop specializing in them on Zhongxiao S.3 (north side, about 300m west of Fuxing).

Now those coffee enemas are not something to laugh at. They are PROVEN by western doctors to flush toxins from the liver and kidneys and they have a restorative effect on the bowel. While drinking coffee in the conventional way can raise the heartbeat, the coffee enema (you could make your own actually) helps relieve tension.

And then there’s the mamamo-suction cups, which can be worn under the clothes…

Am I allowed to say ‘What a load of bollocks!’ in here ? Any one remember Peter Foster, he tried the same thing with tea, unfortunately, he tried it in a country with laws…

“flush toxins from the liver and kidneys and they have a restorative effect on the bowel” does not mean “lost weight”

Now we now that Mucha Man is code for M&Ms, yummy :slight_smile:

Oh, I beg to differ. :laughing:

Oh, I beg to differ. :laughing:[/quote]
More like a bottom burp

No, who he? With a name like that, I’d have thought he’d use lager.

No, but he was australian,12713,857369,00.html

Leno covered this years ago when it was all the rage in LA. He said:

“The best part of waking up is Folgers in you butt.”