Coffee shop with free wireless internet

Searched about this and couldn’t find anything…Are there any places with free and fast wireless internet aside form 7-11s (in Taipei?). Like a place with a nice environment like a coffee shop? I’ve been told if you’re not buying wireless at a place like Starbucks, it’s really slow. Hoping maybe someone on Forumosa has found a place or some places in Taipei! Thanks.

Hi, I can recommend ‘Rido Coffee’ - they have decent free wifi. There are a few branches in Taipei - there’s a good one off Nanjing East Road - in a lane behind Momo deparment store (and Ikea)

café Brown branches have free wireless.

Mr. Brown, Burger King, Taipei Public Library

You dont have a droid? Come on!

Perch Cafe

The MRT has free Wi-Fi all along the red/green/orange/blue lines… you just have to sign up and after that, it’s free!

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If there’s a particular style or location of cafe you’re after?