Coffee shops in Taipei, for freelancers

Hi todos,

I just did a list of coffee shops, in Taipei.
It’s about nice places to work from, or just to have a break, or even meetings.
It’s getting pretty difficult to have an updated list, as places pop up (and disapear) quickly, so I did a list that I will update every month.

Here is the list

If you have any questions, feedbacks or recommandations feel free to comment or to ask me anything.

See ya!

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Nice to see someone take the time to make a list like this. I do most of my work (or pretending to work) in coffee shops.

Just a suggestion: put the approximate location in the description so we don’t have to click through everything individually to find out if a place is nearby.

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Oh thanks, that’s clearly a good idea.
Will do that for the next update.
What’s the best you think, putting the district or the MRT station?

Thanks for sharing I’ll have to try some new ones I don’t know about. I’m just happy to see that my favorite coffee shop is NOT on the list. It is already hard to get seat sometimes.

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Do you know about AGCT Apartment, the coffee shop above Le Chat? You get to it from the side of the building by taking a special elevator to the 3rd floor. Worth checking out.

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Oh I heard about it, but i totally forgot to check. Looks more than great… thanks!
Is it right above le chat? I heard that the flat just above it belongs to a pretty famous movie-maker.

Either one. People will recognise MRT stations near to them.

I notice you don’t seem to roam far from your home base. How about adding a ‘buy me a coffee’ Paypal link, and/or adding a ‘message me’ button to suggest a review of some new place? You’re not going to get rich, but maybe it’ll fund a few MRT rides to more far-flung places. Tidy the page up into a consistent, easy-to-navigate format and you could actually make this into a go-to resource for coffee addicts :slight_smile:

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It’s the 3rd or 4th floor of that building. It’s been a while since I last went. But the reason I thought of AGCT is your picture of Picnic; it looks like a view from AGCT, except in AGCT you’re looking at greenery (treetops) instead of asphalt. Yes, I believe the movie maker is on the 2nd floor. Not a Michael Bay-type movie maker but more of an experimental cineaste/artist.

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That’s clearly a good idea :slight_smile:
I was thinking about something similar, but may be later (as actually I will probably keep doing lists about Taipei and Taiwan). First wanted to do a quick and dirty version, and create some content. But the shape of it may will change in the future.
But… yes, you’re right, it’s really easy to do, and there is nothing to lose. I will probably do it soon or later!
Thanks for your feedback!

Yes went there today. Really cool. But schedules are pretty tight (12 > 6pm). Maybe that was exceptional. Ahaha yes indie mover maker, that’s also what I’ve heard.