Coffee shops in Taipei that serve decaf coffee?

Which coffee shops in Taipei serve decaf coffee beside Starbucks? Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to be that guy, but… What’s the point, coffee doesn’t taste that good :stuck_out_tongue: but! Change my mind!

Not CAMA, not Louisa nor Doutor.

IKARI does have decaf:

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Exactly my thoughts about non-alcoholic beer.

Anyway, I do like coffee and have always wondered if any place besides Starbucks had decaf. I personally haven’t found one yet (but you can buy it at Carrefour to make at home).

Huh. I kind of forgot decaf coffee existed. Is it the same price as other coffee in Starbucks? I’m sometimes in there tutoring in the evening, and I don’t want “real” coffee at that time, and paying so much money for a teabag plus hot water always irks me.

I thought Taiwan Starbucks quit serving decaf coffee last year.

I like coffee and sometimes don’t want caffeine after my 4th or 5th cup and late afternoon or evening.

read this thread title too fast as “which coffee shops in TAipei serve deaf people…”

Ikari, yes; Not my favorite.
Lutetia in Tianmu is the best in that area. There are various restaurants that offer decaf, such as Wendell. Barista is about the best of the chains (I prefer it to Starbucks) and, unlike Ikari, will make latte and other mixed coffee drinks. Most small, independent cafes do not offer decaf.


Moonshine and FSW are notable exceptions.


Thanks. I’ll check it out.