Coffee Shops Keelung

Any good coffee shops with air-conditioning and good seats besides Starbucks?

Let me think I’ll get back to you in 13 years

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i went to one once there. saw somebody eating a sandwich with slices of apple in it. keelung is a big no no for me on so many levels.



There’s a cool looking place on the second floor overlooking the harbour,near the flyway entrance/exit. Can’t miss it if walking there.

Actually.there are a few newer places down some alleys near the night market.
Check Google reviews…Trip advisor.

I just made an awesome sandwich with slices of apple the other day.

Last time I followed instructions like that I woke up in a strange neighborhood in Bali in a one-room house with a girl and her entire family all sleeping in the same room. And lost my phone.

It was a good time but I don’t see that happening in Keelung.

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Yeah Keelung, it’s a tough call.
Seriously there is an alleyway with a bunch of newer places and there are some decent looking yakitori places. Check it out on Google. I saw them when walking near the night market.
I know the hamasushi place over the hsrbour, it looks alright.

To think Keelung used to be a place that had bars JUST for foreigners…



Have you tried City Café?

Mostly dull boring run down city. Found this really cool coffee shop that also serves craft beers.

MaruCorner 丸角自轉生活咖啡, No. 28, Xiao’er Road, Ren’ai District, Keelung

And this izakaya nearby also has indoor seats. Ze Shi Izakaya Restaurant, No. 2, Alley 1, Lane 23, Xiaoyi Road, Ren’ai District, Keelung

You found em dude :grinning: