Coffee Shops near Guting Station?

Hey all!

I was wondering if anyone knew of a coffee shop/cafe near Guting Station (not Dante’s!) where you can sit down and study. I’ve been searching, but so far the search has been futile. Anyone have any suggestions? I prefer something within walking distance of CKS Memorial Hall station and/or Guting Station.

Ok even a pastry shop, some small store with sit down places!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There’s a Starbucks right outside Guting MRT.
And a McDonalds with a huge 2nd floor.

Yea, but they’re always crowded. There’s always tons of people, so it’s rarely quiet… =/

There are plenty. Lots in ShiDa area too.
-Bunny Listens to the Music: #15, Lane 6, QingTian St.
-insomnia: #13, Lane 93, ShiDa Rd. <-on this lane are other cafes and coffee shops as well!
-Rose House: #3-1 Lishui St.

Oh yay thanks so much! I’ll have to go in search of those. :smiley:

Back in the day, we went to Jamaica Cafe and the cat place -where you rented cats to sit with you and have tea with. Jamaica used to get very crowded, because the drinks are cheap and a huge glass, plus you can get cheap snacks to accompany you while doing your homework.

Across from Grandma Nittis there is a pretty nice cafe with tables suitable for homework, next to Peacok.

There is a huge place in Hoping, half a block from the Post Office. It is a tea place, with huge tables and stuff. Great for study.

Or go to Yongkan Street, there are like 4 cafes per block, especially around the park. Look fror Shih’s bagels and start walking from there, nice quiet places all of them.

Wander around Yongkan. Lots of good, quiet places.

Hey - I made a short list of some of my favorite cafes around Taipei. This is still an on-going search!

The ones that I recommend within walking distance of Guting are:
Cozy Cafe
Green Gable
(Mostly in the ShiDa area)

Oh awesome! I haven’t ventured toward the ShiDa area I guess. Yay thanks!

Icon, cat place?? That sounds so fun! Is it still there or is it gone now?

I’ve heard of YongKang, but haven’t gone there either… will try! Now I have new places to explore :slight_smile:

I used to love going to “Just Orange”, right off Roosevelt Road. It was quiet enough to study and the staff were very nice. Simple, fresh food and good coffee. There is a small live theater venue in the basement right next door. I haven’t been there for six years now, though.

台北市大安區羅斯福路二段101巷9號 Roosevelt Road sec 2, Lane 101, No. 9 (It’s near the exit opposite exit 2 of Guting MRT, I guess that’s exit 1?)