Coincidence not Irony

Read back Morrisette’s song. “It’s like rain on a wedding day”

Not irony at all. It’s an objective correlative. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Alanis irony was Brits mocking her at the time because they thought she was American.


Here’s a good example of irony from a link in a different thread

“I think the irony is lost on her if she‘s calling a gentleman a coon in the same breath as accusing an Asian tea shop of racism,” read another comment.


What’s the difference between hypocrisy and irony? I’m honestly not being a dick here, I am interested.

You’re not quite yourself today, then?
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Hypocrisy is acting in ways that conflict with how you insist others should act (Do as I say, not as I do)

Irony is observing unexpected results (often done to you) given something that happened.

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I’m still trying to figure out whether the example you provided is hypocrisy or irony. Would it be irony because the woman is black, thus making her racism unexpected?

Hypocrisy and irony are not exclusive of each other. This situation could be both.

The irony is that she is complaining of something allegedly racist (the supposed appropriation of black culture) while at the same time using a black racial epithet against a person of color. Her use of the slur is ironic because it is not expected of someone in the midst of complaining about racial cultural appropriation.

She is being a hypocrite be complaining about an alleged inappropriate racial act (the appropriation) and then herself using an inappropriate racial act (calling someone a racial slur, specifically a slur related to the culture she is discussing)

I still don’t think it reached the level of irony. If she were employed by the Equal Opportunities Commission, or similar, then I’d get the irony. At this point it’s just her accusing people of racism while using a racist slur.

No. It would still be irony if the woman was a Filipino mestizo. And I can easily recall Filipinas I knew in college who could be as hypocritical and ironic

The level of surprise is key, I think. It didn’t surprise me that she used an ethnic slur.

Now this must be irony:

In 2016, Jonathan Jones wrote in the Guardian that although the museum was home to “some of the most outrageous nudes ever painted”…


Gift of the Magi.

I just looked up Gustave Courbet’s Origin of the World :nsfw: . I better understand why barring someone in a low cut dress to see it would seem ironic


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Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the least unexpected about this kind of behavior these days.

Might I suggest adding :nsfw: and spoiler to that post? :eek:

Thank you, @yyy

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