Cold Brew Coffee

I’ve recently started a new company selling Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. I think I’m the first company in Taiwan to specialize in selling bottled Cold Brew but I’m not sure and would like to be able to say “Taiwan’s First” in my advertising.
Have any Forumosans seen Cold Brew for sale in Taiwan?

That pic is awful. Sorry, maybe the coffee is great but the pic is a turn off. The cream is weird looking.

There’s this:

Thanks for the link Tempo Gain. That is actually cold drip coffee ( bing-dee cafe ) which is very similar but not quite the same.

Here’s a new photo for you Mucha Man as you seem to be very visually sensitive today.

Coffee shops have been doing it for a few years, but not anything sold in supermarkets that I know of. Don’t worry about being the first, just make sure it’s good and you’ll be fine.

What beans are you using (I’m assuming it’s a blend of several origins) and what is the flavor like? Do you roast them yourself, and, if so, on what roaster?

Good luck with the business venture.

is it just ice coffee (iced from hot extracted coffee) or is it cold-extracted coffee, in which case it appears to be really weird.

Isn’t it counter-productive as cold water is acting at a disadvantage in getting the best flavours out of the grind.

School us on the benefits. Then provide free samples!

People have been cold-brewing coffee for years. It’s just done over a much longer time period (several hours) than when brewing hot coffee (a couple minutes at most). When done properly, with the right blend of beans and the right roast, it can be very refreshing–even tasting a little bit fermented.

As SlowRain said, people in America - especially in the southeast - have been cold-brewing coffee for years. If you don’t own an espresso machine, making iced coffee well isn’t very easy at home. Living in KHH, i only really drink hot coffee a couple of months of the year, so a convenient & cheap way to make iced coffee appealed to me and led me to cold brewing. I’ve spent the last year experimenting with different brew times (12-24 hours ) , water ph & temperatures , coffee:water ratios , beans , roast levels and filtration methods.

The advantages of cold brewing are mostly convenience: just pour 60ml of concentrate over ice and add milk - done.
It’s also about 70% less acidic that hot brewed coffee and doesn’t extract near as much of the bitter oils from the beans.
The result is very naturally sweet tasting coffee that keeps in the fridge for at least 2 weeks.

I don’t roast my own beans, but work with an expert roaster who makes me a custom blend of beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Mexico. The flavour profile is very rich and chocolatey with mild nutty and fruity notes as well. He sells a variation of the blend I buy for $700/lb , which luckily I get a big discount on by buying in bulk.

I find the fruitiness of Ethiopian beans naturally lend themselves to iced coffee. One place I had cold-drip iced coffee used a blend of five Ethiopian beans at varying roast degrees.

Like I said, it can be tasty stuff. However, I wouldn’t say an espresso machine is necessary to make good iced coffee. There are other methods that yield a refreshing beverage as well.

How much are your bottles and where are you selling them?

One 500ml bottle is $350 and makes 6-8 servings. Right now I’m brewing to order every Friday night for pickup on Saturday or Sunday from my wife’s second hand shop in Kaohsiung. I also do deliveries for orders from local businesses.

I hope to start doing mail orders soon, although the cold shipping with 7-11 is a bit pricey - $150 per box. Can only really afford it with a 2 bottle order: $700 with free delivery. Still a reasonable price I think, as each serving works out to $43(60ml coffee) + $12 (200ml milk) = $55 per latte - the same price as a 7-11 latte.

How long can you keep a bottle in the fridge?

Keeps in the fridge for at least 2 weeks.

Much better.

Btw, who is your roaster in Ktown if you don’t mind saying?

Sorry, I see now you had already answered my question before I even asked it.

I’d rather not say who my roaster is, but highly recommend using Coffee Review as a great way to find expert roasters in your area.

Coffee Review is a good place to start, but you kind of have to take his ratings with a grain of salt. Many people in the specialty coffee world feel Ken Davids has been giving too high of scores now that his magazine has become so influential. Drop a few points off his ratings to get something that’s closer to what the coffee is really like.

I never heard about cold brew coffee before, so I googled some simple ways how to make it and it actually tastes very good with ice cold milk. Similar to ready iced coffees in 7. I used the ground coffee from Carrefour, 99NT per 100gr or so, stir with water and let it set for 12 to 14 hours. Put it through a classic coffee paper filter and voila. ready. I am not gonna pay 350 for your bottle, too be honest I don’t taste much difference between an OK mart coffee and a 7 eleven or starbucks coffee… so would be a waste. My 99NT made me over a liter of concentrated coffee. But good luck!

A ristretto doppio on a hot day is awesome. if it’s too hot outside for you just add a scoop of good ice cream (it’s got some fancy name in italian but right now i forgoto.)

affogato :cactus: