Cold Mountain (N. Kidman and J. Law; A. Minghella)

Anyone know if it’s playing in Taiwan, where; or when it’s due to be released here?

Nope. Good novel, though. I believe it was Frazier’s first.

Why do they have a Brit and an Australian playing Southerners? :?

It’s not released in Taiwan yet, not sure when it will be but it’s 25th Dec in the US. The Warner Village website doesn’t have it as one of the upcoming movies but I’m sure it will be on there when it’s released (probably a couple of weeks after the US release). I saw a trailer for it last time I went.


Don’t know if this is the right thread for this, but rather than create an entire thread about Cruise, thought I’d add this here since he was once her husband.


“Just sue. Just do it. Sue, sue, sue. Do it. Go, go, go, go.”

– Actor Tom Cruise in Details magazine, revealing how he instructs his lawyer to deal with libelous remarks about him in the press.

Good question, but I think I found an answer Xmas day. Which was pretty boring here in Taiwan, so I rented a DVD, Happy, Texas. It’s about 2 Texas convicts who escape prison and hole up in Happy. Thing is, one of them is played by Jeremy Northam, a Brit (The Winslow Boy, Emma). Northam plays Harry Sawyer, convicted of fraud and credit card crime, like maybe one of those transplanted yankees, with just a touch of maybe upper-midwest/Great Lakes accent. To a tee. Who needs Patrick Swayze? Or Billy Bob Thornton? when you can find Brits or Aussies who can duplicate American regional accents like MS Word can cut and paste “y’all” and, as opposed to Swayze anyway, can actually act.

By the way, the movie is hilarious. It’s not exactly Oscar material, but it has good Austin music and Steve Zahn is way funny (Wayne Wayne Wayne, Jr., convicted of grand theft auto, not the sharpest pencil in the drawer). After the jail break, these 2 steal an RV owned by a romantically involved pair of male Li’l Miss pageant producers who were stopped in Happy to produce a local pageant for the local school. The plot is pretty convoluted, but basically they have to live as 2 gay pageant producers in order to stay free. Among loads of great one-liners, WWW, jr.‘s explanation of how he, being gay, can make love to the kids’ intensely repressed teacher: “That whole gay thing is just like a hobby.” Oh yeah, and he only knows one song, which he dutifully teaches the girls anyway: 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Ah, maybe you have to be there. Anyway, check this movie out if you like good-natured Fish Out of Water stories and like to laugh.

Great Civil War movie shot in Romania. HEHE!

It’s too bad the movie failed to capitalize on the historic moment and film the movie where the action really happened: in the Southern Appalachian mountains in the USA…

…Instead, get this…the great kink in the film is that the movie, about how that conflict affected the mountain South and North Carolina, was not filmed in North Carolina, or even in the United States.

Minghella, whose movie credits include “The English Patient,” packed up film crews and stars and shot “Cold Mountain” in Romania.

So Hollywood, so today!

According to the side of a bus, it comes out on Feb 20th

while you are waiting…try to find her “dogville.” wow. quite unlike an film i have ever beheld. “birthday girl” was pretty sweet but “dogville” is to movies what “american gothic” is to painting.

Is this a good one? I saw a poster for it in the DVD rental place, but it seemed to be a Swedish or Danish movie or something.
Edit: just saw rottentomatoes gives it an 81% fresh rating. I know what I’m watching tonight.

Well, where do you think Rednecks come from anyway?


i’d watch dogville again tomorrow if i wasn’t heading off this rock. the end credits are not to be missed.

I saw Cold Mountain last week; sorry to break the news, but I thought it was drivel. It was over-sentamentalised, slow, and predictable; about as entertaining as watching the action at Roxy 99 on a Tuesday night.

Nice scenery, nice music, but there was nothing else that held my interest, apart from Rene Zwellenger’s odd performance, which outshone those around her. I have to say, the story was limp.

Far better was Lost In Translation.

==================It never rains but it pours on Cold Mountain. One week after failing to scoop a best picture Oscar nomination, Anthony Minghella’s civil war epic is being subjected by an email campaign by American technicians furious over the film-maker’s decision to bypass US union laws by shooting the movie in Romania.

========================The campaign was launched by camera assistant Gary Dunham, who told the LA Times: “People are very, very angry. There really is no reason [to film in Romania]. It’s just greed.”

====================The paper also reports that a separate email campaign is accusing Cold Mountain of a racial whitewash by featuring hardly any black faces in the cast. It points out that the film is set during the aftermath of the civil war, in 1860s North Carolina, where more than half the population was black.

I thought it wasnt too bad. I liked the old lady who said something about a bird shitting out a seed. Everything has a purpose in life. It was also good to see Philip Seymour Hoffman on screen.

Because American actors are horrid at doing accents.

Because American actors are horrid at doing accents.[/quote]

How droll.

Because American actors are horrid at doing accents.[/quote]

How droll.[/quote]

and yet so true. many examples attest to this fact.

Because American actors are horrid at doing accents.[/quote]

How droll.[/quote]

and yet so true. many examples attest to this fact.[/quote]
Let’s not forget, too, that British people are just, well, nicer than Americans. Directors know this, just as they know that with modern processing techniques, the teeth thing can be masked out.