Collect call to Australia Toll Free (ANZ Banking)

Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone had a problem with ANZ bank or knew a method to call their toll free from Taiwan. I saw at Kaohsiung airport website that you can call 100 and ask the international operator to make the collect call to ANZ, but when I dial 100, I get that busy tone all the time.
By the way, ANZ Bank has the service to receive collect calls from customers overseas.

Would appreciate any tips, suggestions.

might be something in there. :point_up_2:
i know the Skype path works (to call toll-free) back to Taiwan from outside of Taiwan, but no idea if works to call other countries

Supposedly you can do it with Skype if you add a few dollars to the account

I’m Australian and had to make a few calls to ANZ over the years when I was living in Taiwan, I just used Skype - seemed to work fine.

Had them also mail out replacement cards to my Taipei address etc. Service is generally quite good, well, compared to Taiwanese banks anyway.

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To collect call or just dialling the local Aussie number?

Dialing the aussie local number

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ANZ used to be a thing in Taiwan until DBS bought them.