Collecting money in Taiwan

I have several orders for chinese squabble from US.
Has anyone experienced on how to received credit cards transaction from US to Taiwan?

I don’t have a bank account in the states, only in Taiwan, there’s no way I can use paypal.

Can anyone offer suggestion?


Third party processor:

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You get paid twice a month by check, or you can apply for their ATM paycard. You can also get your money wired into your account. If you take the check option, you need a foreign currency account here then it takes 3 week to clear (a pain but it works for me).

If you have a credit card, even in Taiwan, you can use Paypal. We had to use ‘China’ as the country. Not sure if that’s changed.

Congratulations, Ax! Good to hear you’re making a bit of cash from your brainchild.

Thanks sandman…

I still need to work on the collection and delivery, in which I’m very poor at, but all in all, I’m happy with what I’m doing, profitable or not.

It’s just a dream I wanted to realize, and when it does, it makes me happy and I sleep soundly at night hoping to catch on new dreams :slight_smile: