Collecting payment by direct debit in Taiwan

Trying to get info on banking services in Taiwan is a nightmare. Does anyone know anything about what is required to set up a direct debit facility in Taiwan?

I am not talking about paying my bills by DD. I’m talking about being able to collect payment from customers.

I know that in other countries you usually need to have a high volume of transactions, and I believe that there are some financial guarantees required. I’m not sure exactly but I think you have to put down some kind of deposit, or maybe not have access to the money you collect for a certain period.

I found a company in the UK that manages DDs for SMEs, presumably by setting up a facility for themselves and then handling collections for their clients:

It took one email to find out their costs, reply within two hours. Does anyone know of a similar service in Taiwan? Would such a thing even be legal?

I don’t know how to go about it, but it definitely exists. Several of my wife’s bills are paid directly from her bank account each month.

Is this what you’re looking for? … es/edi.htm

I believe most banks in Taiwan do have this service – they just all have a different name for it. You can also try HSBC.

HSBC can’t arrange for me to pay my HSBC credit card by DD.

I’ve written no end of emails, including two which have been answered by the president of HSBC Taiwan, and had several long telephone calls.

I was promised on 19 March by Kenneth Cheng, the head of commercial banking, that he would call me back by close of business the following day to tell me what the service costs and what the criteria are.

Still waiting.