College Student looking for work Summer 2009

I am a current college student looking to go to Southern Taiwan next summer (may-aug 2009)–hopefully to work…of course I do not have a degree yet but am going to school for engineering. Does anybody have any suggestions?? I would love to teach english…but I believe one must have a degree for that. Are there any alternatives? I still want to visit Taiwan REGARDLESS…but having a job for the summer would be loads better…


The alternative is that you work illegally.

hmmmmm…i do like to live dangerously. would it be possible to just get paid on the side to tutor school kids or something like that? what would you suggest?

Why don’t you enroll in an approved Chinese Language School for the summer. You could go home with some Chinese language ability and, as I currently understand it, as such a student, you are allowed to do some part time work. I do not have the particulars but do a search on the Learning Chinese thread and I think you will turn up some current information.
Living dangerously is not a good idea. Do it right. Don’t spoil an otherwise great opportunity abroad with hassles that you don’t need or want.

thanks for the response. what schools would you say are the best? are they expensive?

students aren’t allowed to work until after a certain amount of time. maybe after you get an ARC (4 months to apply, another 4 to get it), or after a year…can’t remember. do you need to earn money? if not, one guy was here doing a volunteer teaching program (some college program). either do that, or study chinese like enigma said if your chinese isn’t that good.

i went to shi da…google for mandarin training center.

Is a 4-year degree required to get a work visa in Taiwan… anywhere? Or is that a requirement solely for teaching?

I’d like to do an internship this summer in Taipei or Taizhong, but now it seems like I would need to also attend a language program to write it off as studying since I won’t have a degree by this summer.

Can someone clarify this point? Not willing to work illegally.