College students? Who said they are not innovative? And dumb? … 2C+News%29

The innovation coupled with the dumbness is what can make this work.

Innovative on the part of the boys, and dumbness on the part of the girls who avail of this service? Or maybe they are not that dumb? The girls got the boys working for em one way or another :laughing:

Where are the girls providing this “free” relief service you ask?

Stress-free sex will improve the girls’ academic performance? Since when is sex ever stress-free, for women at least? And if they just want to improve their academic performance through sex, there are more direct routes.

Ok, consenting adults engaging in a normal exercise activity, got no problem with that. Guys advertising, no problem either, actually. I bet they do the same on a BB board, or whatever is used these days. I can get the no stress factor, as there is no pressure to be BF/GF -heck if NTU female students in the rat race want to add that burden to their already overflowing schedules. No dating involved, no power plays, just sex, ma’am. Actually, kudos to the guys for their “sacrifice” on behalf of the greater good.

Please do notice that if this was female students offering the same “service”, the scandal would reach monumental proportions.

Yes i think if female students starting offering the same free service, there would be a
general UPrising !!

OK it’s off-topic, but since when is it “the NTU” instead of just “NTU?”