Has anyone ever undergone colon hydrotherapy in Taipei? How was the experience, price and service? Can anyone recommend a good place?

I admit it sounds like a good idea to somehow "regularly get all the accumulated poisons and b.s. out of your system . . . . . . " however, my Taiwanese wife says that she has spoken to several western medical doctors (in Taiwan) who advise against it.

In general, their feeling is that even for people who have medical problems and become highly constipated, this sort of cleansing is always a last resort. Other methods to flush out the system, including but not limited to ingestion of plentiful fruits and vegetables, etc. should be tried first. I believe their reasoning is based on the fact that this colon cleansing somehow damages the colon in some subtle way and/or impairs its long term ability to function properly . . . . . . .

There may be somewhat of an analogy to certain types of sea creatures which have a very thin outer membrane on their bodies. They swim around in the sea all the time with no problem, but somehow if they are just handled once by a human, they die . . . . . . Well, the similiarity is not quite that exact but that is the general direction of the thinking involved to say that the colon should be cleansed by natural processes.

By the way, you might check on the internet for information on natural cleansing of the colon . . . . . I believe that some regimens use lemon juice (which is diluted with water and drunk, not injected into the anal pore . . . . . . ) if you find something good let us know. I hear somewhere that they do this in Thailand too with a special combination of herbs and spices and other foods, which really flush you out . . . . . and some practitioners said that their overall health, vision, energy, etc. improved quite a bit . . . . . .

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[quote]The enema within

Ian Belcher took some persuading to go on a colonic irrigation holiday, even at a Thai beach resort. It is, he discovered, quite astonishing what gets flushed out in the course of a week’s treatment. But did he feel the better for it? [/quote]

In addition, a place in Bali where the deed could be performed:


Doesn’t seem like a good idea, according to Quackwatch: … astro.html

Damn right! Princess Diana was keen on it, and look what happened to her.

But strangely enough the car she was in wasn’t rear-ended.


I have read opinions, both medical and otherwise from both sides of the debate and am still sitting on the fence (not on the irrigation hose!)

One point that hasn’t been resolved, though is that if, as some doctors say, foecal matter really doesn’t accumulate on the sides of the colon, then where did all that stuff that came from the journalist and photographers’ bottoms come from? How did that marble stay lodged in the photographer for so long? And is it really less damaging to leave marbles, chunks of steak, mobile phones (oh no, that was another thread) etc. in your insides than gently easing them out with water?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Actually I’m curious about all this myself. I was a nurse sometime back and thus consider myself something of an expert in the little respected defecatory arts. One of my less savoury tasks in many years in operating theatres was assisiting with colonoscopies. In later years they developed poo chute watching to a fine level through the use of colour tvs and video recorders. Having seen more than my share of televised rectums I can honestly say I never once saw a pocket of shite, or a stray marble for that matter.

However, I’ve known people that claim to feel extraordinarily good afterwards. I suspect its the fasting.


Just don’t eat any red meat and you won’t get impacted and won’t need to shove a tube up your bum to get the fat and gristle out…

I knew someone, who was not Alien (your secret is safe with me!), who swore by eating some sort of silica sand every day to cleanse the colon. I guess it attached itself to the poop (technically speaking) and turned it into a small, mobile internal Brillo pad.

“Even if all his life a fool associates with a wise man, he will not appreciate the truth, even as the spoon does not appreciate the flavor of the soup.”
The Buddha

Have heard of such things also.

Actually you reminded me of one of the more common unpleasantries spotted through the looking glass. Taking senna stains the bowel wall a distinct green.

My apologies for the weaker stomached.


I had malignant polyps in my colon when I was 15 and have had sections of my colon removed on two seperate occassions as the polyps keep coming back. I have been checked at least once a year since I was 15, and have experienced the technological advances you refer to above… amazing, actually.

I fast at least two days prior to my exam and take an over the counter laxative the first day of fasting… then the night prior to the exam, I drink this horrible solution (that my Pa tells me is chemically related to engine coolant) and that cleans me out like nothing you can imagine… well, maybe you could… As bad as this is, its quite preferable to the old prep, which consisted of prune extract, castor oil and enemas :cry: .

I’ve been reprimanded repeatedly for my drastic preparation… I once passed out when getting examined… but I don’t want an unclean colon for the exam… Heck, I got yelled at again in August when I last got scoped… but I was clean as a whistle! :wink:

Its not the fasting, trust me. Its the Demerol, Darvon and Valium mainlined just before the exam begins. That’s my favorite part of the exam :laughing:


As you alluded to there’s no gain in revealing an un-prepped back passage when the docs hunting for polyps. I’m amazed that they found them at 15. Must have been a difficult thing to deal with back then.

Actually while I have no doubt the meds would make the whole experience almost pleasant - not too pleasant of course, or concerns would be raised - I was referring to the high colonic brigade. The usual deal is fasting and flushes.

Have you ever had it performed here? I’m nearing the age where it is highly advisable. My grandfather died in his 50’s of bowel cancer.



[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Tigerman.

As you alluded to there’s no gain in revealing an un-prepped back passage when the docs hunting for polyps. I’m amazed that they found them at 15. Must have been a difficult thing to deal with back then.[/quote]

Nope… I was a kid and really didn’t understand the seriousness of it all. My main concern then when I had my first surgery performed just as school was ending was that I was missing a lot of graduation parties… well, it hurt like a motherfucker too… but physical pain is forgotten once it passes…

It was odd that a 15 year old would get such polyps, and odder yet that rather than 1000s of polyps, I always get only 1 or 2… makes them easy to miss, except that they have always been in the same place. That’s why I now go to the same doctor every time… he knows what he’s looking for and where to find them… found 1 this time… nipped in the bud, so to speak.

When I was in college, I originally planned to come to Taiwan for my junior year… but had a bad recurrance and thus was at Mayo Clinic where they decided to “get as many miles out of my colon” as possible before removing it… which hasn’t happened yet… So my arrival in Taiwan was delayed 2 years…

When I was 30 I had a large section of colon removed, and I didn’t recover as quickly as I did when I was 15. Hurt like a sonofabitch too… the epidural didn’t work!.. and the damned day nurse didn’t call for morphine until the night nurse came on 12 hours later!

Otherwise, I’ve done most everything I’ve ever wanted, other than run a marathon…

No worries there… I don’t derive any pleasure from the probe itself… incidentally, though my polyps have always been in the lower bowel, I get the scope all the way up to the small intestine. With the meds, its really quite a breeze… I wouldn’t worry about any discomfort… the prep is the worst part.

Never had it done here…for the reasons stated above re my own peculiar situation… but I did see a doc, just for the introduction, when I first arrived, just in case… And the Sun Yat Sen Hospital here in Taipei is an oncology hospital that was founded by a Taiwanese doctor who worked with my Dad at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas… one of the leading oncology hospitals in the US. That’s where I’d go if I needed it done here.

You should get checked. Its the easiest cancer to cure… but kills second only to lung cancer… just because people don’t wanna have scopes stuck up their butts. That’s a real shame.

Many thanks for that Tigerman and a good community announcment it is too.

I tell you though, I liked the sound of the cocktail you mentioned and I don’t mind telling you that I’m a feared they may not be so generous here, “lie back and think of A-Bian”. Bit like visiting the local dentists.

This aspect of negotiations will be critical a feature of who attains the privelage of visiting my previously unvisited regions. :laughing:


Ohhh. :o So THAT’S why they call him the Sandman… :laughing:

I’ve heard he can shred a pair of denim trousers after just one spoonful of baked beans!


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]I’ve heard he can shred a pair of denim trousers after just one spoonful of baked beans!


Or one or two bottle-conditioned ales. Lucky Tigerman has a dog I could blame everything on :wink: .

Anybody have a doctor

Water colon cleasing is not good for your body in that often times washes away enzymes that your intestines need to maintain it’s health. Also you risk bursting your intestines if your hardened feces clog your your intestines.
An natural alternative which I underwent was a intestinal massage therapy. This is a rather costly therapy. But extrememly effect and safe. It’s takes two weeks to do. During these two weeks you’re they provide only salads and nutritional shakes for you. You also take digestive enzymes during this process. they have intestinal massuers and massues are skilled at what they do to loosen the toxins stuck in your guts over the years. They also teach you about your digestive system to make sure that you maintain a digestive system that’s healthy. After my therapy, I felt lighter on my feet. i was much more clear minded. I lost a bit of weight. My faced had more pink and I looked healthier because now I was obsorbing the nutrition from the food I ate. It’s the best thing that you can do for yourself. Hydrocleasing is nothing in comparison.