Color Ebook Reader

Hey guys, with computex just around the corner I was wondering if anyone knows where to find a color ebook reader in a retail store in Taiwan? I have the traditional black and white reader and I am looking to upgrade relatively soon? I was reading the news the other day and I know a few companies are coming out with e-readers or maybe they have already come out with one? Anyone want to share experiences with the one you have?

Someone should be along here any moment to tell you to buy an iPad.
Just wait.

Have you considered an iPad?

There you go.
Case closed.


Just wait.
Someone should be along here any second to tell you EXACTLY why an iPad is better than an E-book reader.
In detail.
Possibly with links.
And graphs.
And photos.
Perhaps a flowchart of some kind.
In colour.

I haven’t heard of a color e-book reader out yet. I think in another year or two.

No way.
In two years E-book readers will be completely obsolete.
Much like the minidisc player. (I was such a sucker!)
EVERYONE will be toting around those touch pad thingies.
Except for sandman.

Qualcomm is doing some trick work on color e-ink. It’s a bit away however.

But in the meantime just get an iPad. By the time the other tech comes out you’ll own half your books in iPad format so it won’t matter. :wink: