Come Help at Animals Taiwan this Chinese New Year!

It’s that time of year again when everyone gets tons of time off work but can’t afford to fly out of Taiwan because the flights are too expensive. But Taipei is dead. No one is around. There is nothing to do! :frowning:

Well, fear not, because Animals Taiwan is here to save the day (again)! :slight_smile: What better way to see out the Year of the Dog than to come and spend the best part of the day amongst several dozen of them?

Our holding centre staff have taken the next five days off to get some well-earned rest and to visit relatives to collect those all-essential hong baos. That leaves little old me all on my ownsome to feed, exercise, entertain, and clean up after about 60 dogs and puppies and half a dozen cats (we have a few CNY boarders inflating our numbers).

We also need some help doing a little painting and maintenance work.

So, I cordially invite you to throw on your second-bests and come join me for a unique Chinese New Year celebration that involves getting your hands and clothes dirty, cleaning up pee an poop, being hugged and licked by dozens of goofy dogs, and perhaps hammering a finger or two.

We generally start cleaning around 10.00 in the morning and endeavour to finish by 1.00. Then we start taking dogs out for walks in the lovely riverside park across the street, or wash some of the dustier ones, or organize a general tidy up of whatever is lying around, or fixing some of the broken doors, or playing with the cats, or whatever takes your fancy. Generally we do this until 5.00 or 6.00, and then I suggest going for a curry in Tienmu afterwards, if you are free.

Please call to let me know you are coming; I can give you directions over the phone, but generally we are in ShiLin, near ChengDe Rd Sec. 5 and 6, and a short taxi ride from ZhiShan MRT (after ShiLin heading out of town).

Sandman drank all the beers we had in the fridge, but if someone wants to bring some more over, I’ll happily reimburse. Perhaps we can order pizza or something and enjoy the unique view and helathy country air (smells) wafting in from the pig farm next door. Or still go for the curry.

Bear in mind we have a few more animals than normal, but everything is running very smoothly, and if you come in the right spirits, the dogs will be on their very best behaviour.

I look forward to welcoming you. Please do let me know when you will come and what you would like to do. We also exercise the dogs again late evening, between 9 and midnight, so let me know if you prefer the easier, more relaxed night shift.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Happy Year of the Pig!


Me and Jojo’ll pop over if we can escape from Taichung soon enough and I can get my kitchen shelving completed. Get that beer fridge replenished. I’m an expert overseer.

Sean, I’d like to donate a case of beer to the Animals Taiwan Refrigerator. How do I do that?

[quote=“Maoman”]Sean, I’d like to donate a case of beer to the Animals Taiwan Refrigerator. How do I do that?[/quote]Taiwan Beer by any chance ? :wink:

I’m always available Sean, I’m just too lazy to turn up. You just need to motivate me, or ask me.

Cool! That’s great - much appreciated!

I’m going to Carrefour this afternoon. How about I get a case (something Sandman doesn’t like) and let you know how much, and we square up later, or you can transfer to our account, or similar?

Thank you!

OK, people - even if you don’t like dogs, we got beer! :beer:

Cool! That’s great - much appreciated!

I’m going to Carrefour this afternoon. How about I get a case (something Sandman doesn’t like) and let you know how much, and we square up later, or you can transfer to our account, or similar?[/quote]
That sounds like the way to do it. Happy New year!

You can do it! (motivation)

Can you? (asking)


I volunteer, on my behalf, my boyfriend! He needs a reason to stop playing mahjong and drinking beer over New Year. I’ll let him know I’ve made a public pledge. He’ll be chuffed! :wink:


Yes, he can be in charge of all three-legged dogs. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I will be there again this wed to fix the second door and build that wall for you.

See you then


Are you trying to tell us that we can also have this experience ?

Really ? Can I jump on you and lick your face ?

Jump on me and lick my face?

I’m not sure which part would be worse. :noway:

A million thanks to Mr and Mrs Shifty who are doing a great job of repairing many of the doors and stuff that the dogs had ‘redesigned’. :bravo: :notworthy: It’s been much easier today already. See you on Wednesday!

Well, I still can’t believe just how much got done over Chinese New Year, thanks mostly to a handful of people. Our back room has been divided with a partition so we now have a quarantine room and storage room. We have water and electricity in our exercise area. The broken doors have been repaired. Tons of junk has been thrown out. The whole outside area has been cleaned up. The Alleycat’s cat house is one major step nearer to completion. All the lights have been fixed. Gates have been put up at the front of the house to give us one sluice area and one dog-free area (outside the cat house). We have an outside storage area for items dropped off for the Animals Taiwan flea market. And the office has been painted! :slight_smile: :bravo: :notworthy:

Our very own Shifty and his lovely wife have been absolutely brilliant, as has havalina, who, amongst other things, fixed up the cat house over several days while CNRing all the cats in her lane during the evenings - even after getting a nasty nip from Jake the feral three-legger. :blush:

And we had a number of people coming to help with the cleaning and animal care each day, which freed up time for me to work on other important projects.

The three Mr Fixits - Shifty, our Pat, and Marc from MTI Communications - have completely overhauled the holding centre. And we all got to relax in the new ‘foyer’ area at the end of each day, with a can of the beer donated by Maoman. :notworthy:

I’m very, very happy, as these new changes will make life much easier for myself and the other volunteers who come to help out at the holding centre, so thanks a million to everyone who worked so hard for us over the holiday. :wink:

It was our pleasure,how often to I get to play with power tools and hang with Marc, Pat and a gaggle of barking goofs.


See you this weekend for round 2 “ding ding!”