Alleycat’s Pizza has donated a sum of money so that the cats’ quarters at Animals Taiwan can have a make over. :bravo:

Now we need the people to do it. I’d like to help and I’ve found two more people who can make it this Saturday. We need to do some minor construction, we need to put a better floor in, probably linoleum (limited funds), and we need to paint. Suggestions welcome, but more importantly, HELP welcome. We can do with a few more souls. Whether you can do the technical stuff or paint or clean or tell jokes or make the others coffee, the more the merrier at this point.

Have some time? [rephrase] can you make some time? wanna do a good deed? earn some karma kudos? want a change from the gym? want to be part of the solution? stay dry/out of the sun this Saturday? or just wanna join in on the fun? PM me or just post a reply!

This is what the roof, floor, walls, cat gym, look like now:

Some rescued cats spend a long time living here. Let’s make it a bit easier on them!

Is Alleycat’s suppling any pizza ?

Oh sure, just when my Ping Ping is set to return home you go and clean up the place. No wonder he’s been so grumpy. Sean promised Shangrila and well, it was only me who got to go to Tibet.

Good luck guys.

would love to come but I’m moving house this Saturday…

They’re supplying the dough… :smiley:

Will you come and help? Cats are just like big hamsters really, so you should feel right at ease.

Certainly the cats are not unhappy now (what do they care about peeling paint), albeit Ping Ping is somewhat apprehensive [/understatement mode], but a darling for sure! We want to improve their jumping, climbing, frolicking facilities by hanging shelves on the walls, but mostly what we’ll be doing will serve us 2-footers as well as the cats really: it will be easier to keep the place clean with a smooth floor and a good coat of paint on the walls.

If you have some shelves sitting around collecting dust, take them to AT! Any clean carpeting will be welcome too.

And who WILL be available to help out?

[quote=“onrust66”]Will you come and help? [/quote]Yes

Brilliant! I’ll get to meet the Fluff in person!

[quote=“onrust66”]Brilliant! I’ll get to meet the Fluff in person![/quote]I don’t seem to have a good impression the first time you met me :cry:

So sorry, I vote from now on all Forumosans frequenting the pets&animals section are to wear a badge or cap or tattoo displaying their Forumosa nick in daily life. I honestly don’t know what person matches which nick. Although I’ve got a suspicion as to who Stray Dog might be…

Any takers, or rather givers, besides the Fluff? We can do with a few more hands! Thanks

What time do you want me ?

Well, let’s see, how bad was my sleep deprivation this week…ah ya…moderately bad…I should be there no later than 11 (from Xi Zhi). ‘I’ here means 3 humans and 3 dogs, although I’m still to work out the logistics of it. By 11 we should also be able to find Sean up and about and get the car keys to go get any lacking materials.

The good news is we may need to finish next week Saturday, which gives ‘the others’ a second chance to come and help!

I’ll still stiff from all that up and down arm action with Sean.

Yeah, I was wondering what you guys were up too when you left in Sean’s car.

The 2 of us kept going till 10:30, but couldn’t put the linoleum in all the way. I’m hoping Sean didn’t find any kittens stuck to the floor the next day… Deo volente we’ll be back next Saturday to finish the job. Ceiling yet to be painted and cat gym to be build.

I’m hoping more people will show up!

What time this weekend, and will it be Saturday? I am coming for sure to help but need the time and date.

Dear Mucha Man,

that’s fantastic and I’ll be glad to make your acquaintance (or have I :blush: ?)

It will indeed be Saturday. Marloes and I’ll try to be there before 11 am. Last Saturday we worked well into the evening, but that’s not an option this coming Saturday. So I hope a few more people will show up and help us make a real difference for the cats at AT!


Marjan (MO)

P.S. How did you create your nick? My Mu[c]ha gets mangled into Muzha by the botmod!


P.S. How did you create your nick? My Mu[c]ha gets mangled into Muzha by the botmod![/quote]

I joined early enough before the bot police took over. You can always write it correctly by bolding one letter

Mucha Man

Or underscoring:


Hi there, I could swing by on Saturday.

This is the same location where you keep the dogs too, right?

If I can’t make it on Saturday, do you still have the big clean-up on Sunday? I could probably make it one of those two days.

Great Hannes! Your help is much appreciated.

I’m sure the clean up is happening on Sunday as well (I guess I got the same e-mail you did), but only the cat room is my initiative, and I don’t know the details on the other activities. The e-mail lists the people to contact per activity, right?

See you on Sat. I hope! Oh and yeah, this is the Shilin location which is also the dogs’ holding facility.