Come on and you wanna ride a scooter?

Its just crazy out there !!! TAipei is HIGH all the time. A mad mad mad rush !! I had to take valium there to calm it all down man !! Found this great vid that gives you a taste of it. … re=related

My neighborhood is very quiet. Cricket chirp, owls hoot and the occassional civet makes a run for it. Taipei is what you want it to be. I’m happy when the neighborhood has a show in the empty lot next door. I’m not happy when 200 birds wake we up at 5.30am. One olive skinned bird would be fine.

I don’t know…I find driving in Taipei very easy. Once youre in the flow…off you go. The only thing that gets me are the busses trying to swoosh you out of the way like youre an irritating fly.

That’s Gonguan and Jingmei…I ride that road every night on my way home from the AnimalsTaiwan fleamarket:)

First of all, this guy is driving like a grandmother - slow and and unsure. Second, this music sucks donkey balls. Third, was that guy filming this by holding his camera with one hand and driving with another?

If I were to do a video of scooter craziness, I’d probably film somewhere on Civic Blvd. near the train station.

i find it easier to drive in taipei city than in the smaller cities like ilan, taizhong, hualian etc… because there is so much traffic that everyone pretty much sticks to the flow. There is more room for wankers doing incredibly stupid things outside taipei.

I don’t mind the driving, but I can’t stand inhaling all those exhaust fumes.

Tommy, I like the video and I agree with you. No scooter riding/driving for me.

The point is that that is a normal, everyday scooter experience. I don’t think that is peak rush hour or any other extreme. And it is already bad enough for me, thank you very much!

…and the way the camera jerks around gives one an indication of the surface of the road. Sometimes I think I’m riding a motocross scrambler.

Oh thats why they came out with the BeeWee or BWS rather. It was actually FOR the road.

Nah… Taipei is okay once you get used to it. I keep my car on the freeway and expressways, and I do the carving around in a scoot. Just don’t put me in an MRT during peak times… thats the worst for me.

Oh the fishbike? … thats used to break land-speed records.

Entertaining video, but the speeds were obviously altered by the camera. It was also a fairly tame representation of traffic on Roosevelt Rd, i thought. Maybe I’ve been here too long…