Come on , bring it on,it'll be fun

To whom you might think it’s interesting,

I just edited a personal test site into a " public survey" as I want to know what most of you think about between you and Taiwan.
But basically, it’s just a little unproductive of stuffs used for killing time.
Anyway, the interesting points still can be expressed after more of you
participate,then release your opinions here.

The score at least tells something right ?

80-100: You could have been born in taiwan, oh now you come back to her embrace.
60-80: You have potential to live here better
40-60: You’re a decent stranger to Taiwan
20-40: maybe you should either open mind or find another paradise
under 20 : hun?why are you here now?

And also, you can create ur own quiz to challenge others. Satisfy curiosity.
Be creative, you can design a better one, I know.

Although I find your test to be very interested, please do us all a favor and work on your grammar and sentence structure! I can barely understand your questions.

Thank you!

:blush: Sorry, my apolpgy for such a confusing edition.I was burning my dry midnight oil beating the keyboard.
But too late since many of you had done that, and I’ll be depressed to be incapable of baiting you to join my mind-boggled games.

So now for new tryers, I’ve got it revised and added a tenth question in case you can’t reach what you deserve to get–over 80. otherwise the total score of former test should be 90.

Sometimes the system is kind of running down once in a while, but thanks for your participation anyway.

It’s gotta be a joke.