Comfort women

A book on the comfort women in Taiwan was released yesterday. The book, Silent Scars: History of Sexual Slavery by the Japanese Military, is in both English and Chinese. For more information, see First photo book released on local ‘comfort women’.

A photo exhibition titled “The Resilience of Life: Sixty Years of Taiwanese Comfort Woman Survivors” will run through the end of August in Taipei in the pedestrian zones of Warner Village and Ximending.

For more information, see Exhibition hails comfort women.

Yeah I went to the exhibition and bought the books. Really powerful stuff. They should really have a museum dedicated to this stuff here. I never hear much about the Japanese atrocities in Taiwan. A couple of the former comfort women were there when I went - thethe whole atmosphere of Warner Village was such a striking contrast to the mood of the exhibition. All those shoppers and scantily clad teenage dance troupes gyrating around a stage blasting hip hop. sheesh.