Comic book/ Superhero fans - A great MMORPG

Hello guys…just want to tell you about a game that I spend a lot of my time playing it’s called “City of Heroes” or “City of Villians”. You can buy either one or both and play for the same monthly fee. But if you’re only buying one I’d suggest Villians because it has more features.

Sitting on top of a building then hearing an old woman cry out as some thug tries to steal her purse…then jumping off that building falling 10 floors and landing with a good “thump” then beating the hell out of the thug while the old lady praises you…is pretty cool.

And as a villian you can beat up cops…need I say more?

This is an online game so you play with people from all over the world. I’ve made friends in this game that are now real life friends. Including an American sniper, and a (seemingly) wealthy buisnessman from Singapore.

And the game can be bought and downloaded online with a credit card. So you don’t need to leave your chair to buy it.

Here are some of my own screenshots:

Me enjoying the scenery…

Me entering a not too hospitable area…

And here is my villian doing what I love best…beating up cops…

You pointing a gun at me??

Bitch slap…

And foot, meet face…

More screenshots (other people’s) can be found here: <-- Villains <—Hero’s

If I’ve gotten you interested you can check it out at for rabbits.

If you do get the game play on the Champion server. That’s where my girlfriend and I play. She loves it.

I’ve been playing that for a while too.

If you don’t have a credit card, or you want a nice box, the site mentioned below can get them (and time cards) too.

I just made a new villian on Champion. Come join us Mat, or do you only play heroes? I have many Heroes on Champion but none low level.

Show me your guys…Matthew. Got any screenshots?

Obviously I only play good guys. But I’m on the European servers so I’m afraid I can’t join you.