Coming for a visit over Qing Ming Jie

So I’ll be popping over for a 10 day visit March 31 to April 1o, which will include Qing Ming Jie (3rd - 5th I think).

I guess that means on those days the road will be crazy, as will any touristy spot, right?

And Spring Scream goes down too?

I was figuring a couple days in Taipei > Taichung for about three days (old stomping grounds - have to see what it looks like five years on) > Tainan for a day > Kending for two > up the East coast and back over to Taipei.

Sound good to you? I’ve never been to Hualian or Taroko, but would love to revisit Penghu and Yilan (10 days seems like way too short a time, but I must work!)