Coming Soon - the Great Shenzhen Thread

Well that kind of sums it up. Shenzhen, nice posters and nice dreams, just kind of dropped it a bit on the implementation. Let this be a collection of whatever SZ topics you might have.

Soo two months into living here, what can I report? Sure ain’t no Taipei, hell Shanghai is even a step above and that says something. On the upside, armpit that is SZ has:

  • Really cheap taxis
  • Really good Japanese food. Changan has even better, but the random hidden away on the 5 floor of some office buiding Japanese restaurants are real good.
  • It’s close to HK, so escape from China and cheap flights to regions unknown are always an option, not to mention real food that isn’t Chinese or Japanese.
  • LED Biker Policemen. Boy do I feel safer knowing one of those fine men is scratching his balls on a street corner near me if ever I need someone to watch while I get robbed.
  • Little in the way of CCP front and center nationalism and all its vomit inducing antics
  • People that don’t actually care that a Mr. Laowai speaks Mandarin. They’ll pee on the sidewalk in front of you, but at least the intolerable “wahhhh you Mandarin so good” speeches are a site less seen.
  • Not so damned full of English teachers.
  • A tad decent Irish bar with Guinness on tap.

On the downside:

  • Its still China.
  • It makes Taipei look like a cosmopolitan world city whose inhabitants speak fluent English.
  • Gawd awful pollution
  • It is one big construction zone full of whatever pathetic excuses for a building random British Design school dropouts could come up with.

Just a start here now. Haven’t been to Expat central aka Shekou yet, so maybe that will change my opinion somewhat. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a decent massage parlour that doesn’t offer a happy ending and loosen up a bit without some crazy Chinese chick trying to get a passport from me.

In Shenzhen the hoes are clumped as thick as flies. You do get awfully sick of brushing them off. And there really is nothing worse than hoping you’ve found a decent massage only to have some bint ram her hand down your shorts.


Oh, there’s a place that does massages in Bao-an district!! Uhm…

Unfortunately… I was driven around… so I really can’t give you a name or anything… Sorry :frowning:

But there’s two rather large roads - one seems to be a main road, and the intersecting one seems to be full of factories.

On one corner is a small shopping area, with a building which houses a restaurant (used for weddings and functions) on Level 2, and a massage place on Level 3 (where the people were lovely).

On the diaganol (sp?) corner there’s a rather large hotel (Shenzhen International? or something similar…) for business people that houses a high class KTV O.O;;

Possibly the massage was only smut-free because I’m a girl and the men went together with us… but they seemed lovely and wholesome.

after three months in SZ the visa run to HK was truly enlightening. shenzhen is to mexico as hong kong is to canada. if you stay in the happy foreigner areas things are pretty ok, but once you start coloring outside the lines it becomes clear such protectorates are flecks of peanut in a giant turd.

p.s. it is a lot harder to find hash here than in shanghai. :frowning: