Coming to Taiwan Chinese New Year

Hi there,

Would coming to Taiwan right after Chinese New Year be a good time for finding a teaching job? Will there be as many jobs as there are in September?

I have a similar question…if you come to Taiwan after September…say October/November/December…is the market really so dry for teaching?

Anytime is good.
But because of the tax regulations it’s best to come before July 15. Just before summer is the best time. I would say early June.

I think CNY is an excellent time to come.

I came CNY last year. Over the years I’ve hit Taiwan at different times, it doesn’t really matter, just brink two weeks extra loot to tide you over CNY.

The date for 183 days tax is July 2nd, I think, which has passed. You will pay 20% witholding tax after that date which you will not get back.

Do what we did. We arrived and “studied Chinese” for the first 6 months. Of course we might have been teaching English :slight_smile:

After that we legally applied for our ARCs, thus only paying 6% and not the 20% in taxes.