Coming to taiwan, just arrived, etc

Can we open a creche for all the newbies that post here to introduce themselves, explain that they’re on the way or just arrived, and ask about getting jobs?

This afternoon there were at least three of these on the first page of the Living In Taiwan forum. I’m sure they’re important to the people posting them, but they do get a bit tedious.

You mean like the “Welcome Mat” on Taiwan Ho ?
I agree there are quite a few of these sort of posts, but what can I do with them ? I wouldn’t want to interfer with a newcomer’s posts, they have enough problems without me messing with them.

There’s not much you can do with them. It would be a bit unfair to flounder them. Actually, I counted four, and I’m getting a bit tired of “Hi, I’m coming/have just arrived in Taiwan and I know this has been asked before but…”

How about putting them all in a a sticky “New to Taiwan” thread?

not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes.

hi, i’m coming to taiwan in the next few weeks. just thought i’d … :smiling_imp:

sorry - couldn’t help myself

Wouldn’t Knowledge Base help out with stuff like this? A sticky or FAQ would be just what the doctor ordered for these.

Except that most of them preface their intros, as already said, with “I know this has already been asked…” implying that no FAQ, Knowledge Base, Wiki, Sticky, or anything else is going to stop them charging ahead regardless.

I disagree. I think they preface that because (1) they realize it’s not a new topic and (2) doing a search on Forumosa is dain bramaged. So it’s easier to post than to navigate through the search feature/functions.