Coming to taiwan with a felon charge

Does anyone know if a person who has a felony charge can get into Taiwan to vacation. Or where I can go to ask?

If you are not on the wanted list on interpol you shouldnt have any problems if your nation’s passport is accepted for visa free.

I think Tommy is correct on this. If you are on the Interpol list, you will get a “hit” upon entering the country. Interpol only accepts requests for most serious offenders, i.e., serial rapists, murders and very large fraud implications. Even some of the biggest frauds in Taiwan are living in the U.S. without extradition concerns (at the present).
Don’t confuse a warrant, which can be for other things other than arrest, with a conviction. On a landing visa or a visitors visa, Interpol will prevent an entry, as well it should. On the other hand, if there happens to be a warrant of arrest for a crime that Interpol has not been alerted to, you can enter on either visa. I am trying to recall what the wording was on my 6 month visitor’s visa when I first requested one in the U.S. As I recall, not sure, I think it asked about convictions. Of course I answered no because I had no reason to worry. However, even if I knew there was a warrant of arrest, I would still answer no to the same question. Not only because of the wording of the question and the facts of my life, but also because a warrant is not a conviction.
I am not certain about an advanced visa, such as a JFRV or APRC, since you have to request an FBI records check from the U.S. or the relevant agency in your home country. Because, the federal agency can only report a “history”, I don’t think a warrant of arrest, for criminal activity or simply because the relevant agencies have obtained the warrant for you as a relative witness to a crime, would show up on the report. I am not certain about this but it is my best guess. No record of “conviction” means “no record”.
As it now stands, China has prevented treaties between Taiwan and the U.S… This includes tax treaties and extradition treaties. Thus, if not an Interpol target or without a conviction, I don’t think there is a problem.
On the other hand, cleaning up any mess at home will be the better course. If there is a real problem, you are just delaying the inevitable that will delay your future plans. I am not speaking to you directly but just giving advice, to the best of my knowledge, to others also.

[quote=“jrblack1707”]Does anyone know if a person who has a felony charge can get into Taiwan to vacation. Or where I can go to ask?[/quote]For clarification; Are you talking about someone who has already been convicted of a felony in the past and the subsequent feasibility of them being a convicted felon and coming to Taiwan? Or are you talking about someone who has currently only been charged with a felony crime, but hasn’t gone through the court system and hasn’t been convicted yet and is considering traveling to Taiwan before they’ve completed the judicial process? … 57&lang=en

It says no criminal record. But that may just mean you are not on a local list or interpol list. You probably should not tell them you ARE a convicted felon tho. I think quite a few of Japan’s Yakuza (and most of them have some sort of criminal record) regularly visit Taiwan. You may have trouble getting a tourist visa or even a landing visa but should be ok on visa exempt 30 days (assuming you hold a US passport).

Just the same tho, you may possibly NOT be invited to forumosa get togethers without a personal introduction :smiley:

Thankk you so much for the information. It is really helpful. My friend has already been convicted and tried (it was a charge for growing some plants). It was not a violent crime. His charge happened several years ago. He will just need to get a 30day landing visa.

actually VISA exempt. in other words with a US passport he gets 30 days without a visa. A landing visa is a visa given upon landing but costs something like 140 dollars or more.