Commercial Air Purifier for sale or swap

Hi all, I actually have two of these that we used briefly in a venture in the UK and when I shipped all my stuff I shipped ALL my stuff. They are great units, able to clean a 3000sq/ft site with high ceilings. One still has the remote control too.

They are going for NT$60,000 new, I am very willing to take a low offer if they are needed somewhere, I’m also open to swaps if you have something you don’t want but has value.

You will need a step-up voltage thingy to get them to work here. Not included.

They run nearly silent too, swiss made.

My wife wants me to get rid of them asap so please do get in touch. Happy for anyone to re-sell them too if you have contacts that might want them, feel free to msg me. Thanks.


Very familiar with the brand, what do you really want for this?

Hey - thanks for reaching out. I basically just want to stop my wife from complaining that we brought them with us.

Money would be more than fine but I’m open to offers.

It’d be good if you had a step-up voltage converter thingy as I haven’t been able to test them since we got here. Do you use them or know of a market for them here? If you can help me test they are working properly and so you are happy to sell them on I’d be happy to let you do so without having to buy them off me first.

I have 220V and 110V outlets in my place. Happy to do a deal. Please advise. Let’s take this to PMs.