Commercial kitchen supplies

you know the stuff, commercial grade coffee machines, stainless steel industrial fridges and freezers, stainless steel benches etc.


Huanhe south road. I think that is in Wanhua next to the overpasses that go over the river into Sanchong. There’s lots of shops along that road.

Another place is on Dingzhou road by the overpass that is Heping road I think.

Here in Tainan there is a very complete store for all of those items.
Its on Namen Rd. right across from Jhi Kang School where the young cowboy attends.
I believe the name is Sian Ping. They supply to restaraunts all over the island and I think they also have a web site.
If you are interested I could pick-up a card and web site info from them today when I go get the young 'en.
et me know if you want more info.
They also sell to the public - quite a good store.

guys, cheers for that. a url would be cool, thanks!

Xiamen ST next to the TOE bridge also has some supply stores & second hand stuff

If you want to export the stuff in larger quantities, then let me know.

Wisely does Richard M speak, Huan-He Rd at the foot of the Chung-Ching bridge is where you’ll find restaurant grade appliances in all shape and form. Sorry, I’m having a Yoda kind of Friday.

Stopped by the shop when I picked up the young cowboy from school.
They do have a web site and they deliver through-out the island as well as export.
Full range supply.
It seems they are well known as a coffee importer also.

Their business card, which is in Chinese, has 11 diffrent #'s on it. They also can speak over the tele to answer your q’s.

Good luck.

you sir are a god. next time in taipei let me buy you a beer

AWOL…I make no claim to deity status.
Just a humble mortal whose imperfections do indeed include a liking for Taiwan beer.
When in Tainan, we’ll clink a glass.
Hope this helps.

sure does help… coffee issues out of the way. just need some stainless steel benches… will check out the places suggeted above.

i’ve never been to tainan…

This is the area on Jungjeng bridge from Taipei to Yungho, it’s near Hoping w. road

Here they have new and second hand stuff, I bought some of mine here.

I’ll post a pic later from the area near Huanho Rd. and Kweiyang st.

So here is the area near Kweiyang and Huanho Rd.