Communist party members will not be granted USA permanent residence or citizenship

I’m calling this, although late, a good idea.


Nice. What about Xi’s daughter?

what about freedom of speech waa waaa :rofl:

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I don’t see the freedom of speech angle.

we shouldn’t stoop to their level right? just making fun of the frenzy going on in the taiwanese singer in china thread.

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They’ve always (for the last several decades) asked the question if you are or ever were a member of communist party. If the answer was yes, you had to write an essay to explain yourself. I’d imagine not many active members were granted citizenship, so I suspect that this is largely symbolic.

Yeah, but that thread involves freedom of speech. This one does not.

How would they know?

Unless you are a prominent member who is very active they are not going to know.

I know there’s CIA and all that but they would only know if you have done something actionable according to intelligence services.

If someone is coming to the USA to spy on them I’m pretty sure his home country would do everything to hide his involvement in the communist party.

And if they are incompetent enough to give a person 2 or more A numbers, then I’m pretty sure someone who comes to the USA to mean harm will be able to slip by undetected.

This is all symbolic IMO. Basically saying “screw you” to China.


Yeah I was wondering that too. There are around 92-95million Chinese Communist Party members, supposedly? and I don’t think they have a special passport that says they are members, so how would the US know?

You’d think these sort of questions would be easy to lie about, but people still get it wrong:

Yea the US is just incredibly dense regarding government forms.

People have been fired, or even jailed for honest mistakes because they “lied” on a government form. I kid you not.

Stuff like “have you … in the last x years” trips you up and people lost jobs over that. Simply because they had hazy memory.

And prosecutors will NOT give any quarter for this. They will latch onto you like a hungry lion. Employers or HR personnel gives even less quarter for this.

When you need lawyers to do something as simple as filling out job or other applications then the country is basically f***ed.

It obviously has a symbolic purpose. But it also has a practical purpose: once a person lies on an application for permanent residence or citizenship, it gives the US easier recourse for dealing with it if and when the authorities find out.

Bureaucracy exists and bureaucracy sucks but this comment seems a bit hyperbolic to me. I don’t know anybody in the US who has hired a lawyer to fill out a job application, or who has been prosecuted for making an honest mistake on a form.

Care to give us examples of the atrocities to which you speak?

When they asked, my wife said “yes”.

When former Secretary of State Dean Rusk, who was from Georgia, was asked, for security clearance, whether he had any relatives who had taken part in efforts to violently overthrow the government of the United States, he replied yes, and gave the names of his two grandfathers, both of whom were officers in the Confederate Army.

Exclusion of Communist Party members has been part of US law since the Immigration and Nationality Act 1952. This recent document only updates the policy implementation of the exclusion.