Community Services Center


I don’t have any idea about the history of this center or whether there has ever been a relationship between the center and Forumosa in the past. So, excuse my lack of knowledge.

However, having just become aware of the center, it seems an extremely useful resource.

While there are lots of miscellaneous references to the center buried in posts, don’t you think that it would be appropriate to have a sticky created for the center at the top of the Living in Taiwan forum?

To me, it seems like that would help all involved, from newbies to long-timers who have to repeatedly answer basic questions that the center’s website answers.

Their info:

The Community Services Center



It might be a good idea to ask them for a banner. Might even help them sell more of their Taipei Living guides. I know I found my copy invaluable the first couple of years.

CSC seems oriented towards executive expats who are looking for
the best private school for their children and an amah who can mix
a good G&T for mommy to wash her valiums down with.

Forumosa seems to be oriented towards (or commandeered by) an
insular group of young English teachers.

CSC seems to have 40x the budget and is worth visiting, they have
a number of books for sale and free magazines and occasional classes.
They rent a large space. They’re more polite. They’re not as tech savvy.

In any event, remember that (insert topic here) has already been
discussed and the Forumosa veterans already know everything.
Pray that at best your suggestion will be ignored, in this case particularly
because it suggests that there is a larger world outside the one they