Commuting to TaiNan (NCKU) or riding in Gaoxiong (NYSU)

Hi I am moving down to Gaoxiong from Taipei to continue chinese studies and hopefully pick up some work but I am because my girlfriend will be studying at Yishou university I cannot live to far from Dashu district. So what I am wondering is whether it is better to catch the train to NCKU or ride to either Wenzao or NSYSU. I’ve been to NSYSU it seems really beautiful but somewhat inconvenient, and Wenzao well they’re website is shit so I have no idea how good the program is. I have already studied about ~15 months so my choices are more limited, and my experience with TLI is that although good they’re not that great. Please if you have anything to share: suggestions about universities; good place to live (i.e. less commute), etc; it would be greatly received and appreciated.

Commuting to Tainan from Dashu would quickly become a pain in the arse. The quickest train from Jiuqutang to Tainan is 48 minutes - NCKU is not far from the station, but even so you’re going to be spending two hours (at the bare minimum) each day just commuting. Still, it’s not like you’re driving, so you could study on the train if you get a seat.

yeah, that’s what I thought. I thought about finding a place in ZuoYing because that wouldn’t be too far for my g/f it seems it still may take some time; there is also the business of getting to and from either station. Are or have you studied at either? If so any recommendations?