Commuting to work

How do you commute to work?

  • Subway/MRT
  • Busses
  • Scooter
  • On foot/bicycle

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How does everyone commute to work? I personally take the subway because its alot safer and cheaper, but if you live outside of taipei…

I take my scooter. It would take three times longer to get to school if I had to take the bus. No MRT in Taoyuan, yet.

Taxi. MRT. Walk. If I see my coworker on the MRT I know I’m late. :slight_smile:

I walk and take the bus, but the Taoyuan bus system is a good argument in favor of scooters. Still, if I’m going to buy a vehicle here it will be a car.

In my car, but there is no option in the poll for that.

I ditto X3M: In me car! How else? :slight_smile:

I guess us car drivers don’t count :slight_smile:
If it wasn’t for us, most of you scooter drivers wouldn’t have anything to b!#ch about.

A big ugly stinking car polluting the environment as it does not have any cleaning device. But then again: if I have to use medicine to keep alive … from the pollution here… then a least I want to pollute as well! :bravo: :laughing:

Well, seeing as Tainan has such a great public transport system…(sarcasm alert)…I kick it old school. I travel by horseback.

Ok, I almost got rammed by a scooter because he decided to drive ON THE SIDEWALK! I think there should be a law against that.

Oh, there is one…

Oh my gawd! He was literally driving on the sidewalk? How unusual!

Sorry about that. Been a long week…and will be an equally long weekend…at least for me!

Now where’s that option for “bus when early and have half an hour to kill, stopping every thirty feet (except the two block gap that happens to be almost perfectly equidistant from my front door)” and “taxi for every other time…especially when running late…as I said, every other time”?

no love for us TRA folks???

there are a lot of teachers working in the suburbs ultilizing the train…

Why is there no AIRPLANE?

If you live in Taidong and you have to fly to Green Island every day to get to work.
So …

I walk 8 minutes to the MRT station, then go 3 stops by MRT.

If I’m rushed for time I’ll take a bus one stop to the MRT station.

And while we’re complaining about missing poll options, where’s taxi? I’ve seen a number of foreigners who almost always use a taxi to get from A to B. Fairly common among those who’ve been here less than a year from what I’ve seen.

All of the above and more. MRT when in Taipei, buses or car when it’s raining, scooter usually, train fairly often. And I should buy a bicycle for 7-11 runs…

Absolutely right. Tainan’s city bus system is far far worse than Kaohsiung’s, Taichung’s, Taipei’s, or Keelung’s. That said, many foreigners (and an amazing number of locals, who tell me “I don’t know how to take the bus…”) seem unable to use public buses to go anywhere. My Chinese is crap, but I can read a bit, I’m not afraid to ask questions, and I keep my eyes open for bus stops…

Price-wise I’ve no complaints about Taiwan’s public transport. Where I come from (South of England) you’d pay 5x or more to travel an equivalent distance, and services are less frequent.

And fairly among those foreigners that have been here for 3 years, but are extremely lazy and don’t want to walk for 15 minutes in god awful heat/rain.