Company List

Could someone tell me where on the Internet I could find a list of companies in Taiwan by city? Preferably in English.

For example if I want to find all the patent companies in Banchiao where could I find this information?



I don’t think there will ever be a complete business directory listing in English for Taiwan and probably not enough to sort them by cities. But anything is possible for the globalizing Taiwan. I sometimes use “Taiwan Yellow Pages”. Here is the Patent link:

I don’t know Chinese, so I can’t say the following with anything like complete confidence (that is, this might turn out to be one of the many times in my life when I have been mistaken about something):

There appears to be some kind of searchable list or database of Taiwan companies at this URL:

If you’re using the translation function on a Chrome browser, the first radio button on the line that begins with “The query” (“查詢條件”), the radio button labeled “Company Name (English),” is a mistranslation of “公司名稱(中文).” It should read “Company Name (Chinese).” The second radio button on that line is for foreign companies and apparently takes English input.

I got the above URL from the webpage pasted below, by clicking a link that says “公司及分公司基本資料查詢,” which Chrome translates as “Companies and subsidiaries query”: … File&pk=19

On that same webpage, the one pasted immediately above, there are other clickable links that might be of interest to someone.

I hope this information turns out to be accurate (or at least more or less so), and that someone gets some use out of it.

About patent attorneys and patent firms:

Here’s a searchable list of patent attorneys in English (I’ve had trouble loading this page on at least one occasion; it loaded after I cleared my browsing history):

You can search by address using a drop-down menu; this allows you to search by just typing in the name of the city.

Here’s the Chinese version:

Here’s a searchable Chinese-language list that includes both patent agents and patent attorneys: … Category=2

The list has drop-down menus that allow searching for patent agents, patent attorneys, or both, as well as searching by address. Choosing “address” seemed to work when I tried looking for agents or attorneys by merely pasting “Taichung” and “Kaohsiung” in Chinese (but I didn’t get anything with “Tainan”).