Company not paying food allowance according to my contract

no they never offered me any other meal, but yes, when company owner is in taiwan, he offers halal food, in 2 years hardly 4-5 months.
mostly he lives in U.S,

Like your buddy said. Creative accounting.

shouldn’t my salary or salary slip transparent to me, how i am getting my money and my deduction, hiding my earn money from me is not it illegal ?

i will write mail to them after my company discussion, will it be okay keeping Indian consulate in a loop ? or not now?

You will not get a useful reply if you email them. In fact, you will be lucky to get any reply at all. You have to go to offices like this in person to have any hope of getting help. I don’t see why you can’t keep the Indian embassy updated. I would not cc them on any emails though. I hope the Indian embassy helps its citizens more than the American one though. They don’t do anything for us outside of life and death emergencies or being in jail.

Your paycheck should say u r getting 48k. But out of that 48k, there will be deductions like labor tax, income tax, insurance, and also meal subsidy of 2400. So in the end u should be getting around 45k in your account.
And yes all these deductions are included in the salary they told u they will give u including meal.

That doesn’t make sense at all from the contract. It’s not remotely consistent with what’s written. The 48k salary and at least 3 meals per day are clearly listed as different things.

Not to mention nobody is going to be able to buy 90 meals per month from the provided meal allowance.

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they mentioned 48000(yes tax is mentioned) and O.T , meal and accommodation fee, they have not written anything that my food allowances will be included in my salary, then how it is free? now i am confused with my tax money as well, they deducted 8640 )(18% of 48000), if food allowances are included (2400 tax free i think), they should have take 18% of 45600 (am i wrong?) everything seems complicated to me.

The meal allowance is just for show. I have dabbled and fought over this meal thingy for a long time with my company and the govt. Also the contract that companies make are very clever with no mention what will and won’t be included inside the 48k.

45600 is your taxable salary yes. For first six months it’s 18% . So u should get around 38k in your account. Meal is non taxable. It’s nothing.

but they charged me 18% of 48K

Check again. And calculate how much tax u r paying. Should be 8,208

no brother, i check so many times, in my 1st year they charged me 8640 till 180 working days. now they are deducting 972 something around

Just talk to the HR alone and clarify how they are paying you.

this is am going to do tomorrow HR and AGM, then i will write a mail to Labor council keeping Indian consulate and my company owner and all in CC.

You know, you could file and get tax return, right?
If you paying too much.

On question of that, have you file your tax and potentially claim tax returns?

for tax return i already received for last year, for this year already filed my tax, the problem what i am seeing is , they showed my salary 48000 to tax department which is more that 47971 (basic salary). and paid tax according to it.
but to me they are saying 48000 is included food allowances (2400).
they showing different to me and different to tax department.

Just FYI, I just checked the online statuses and the message I sent to the WDA is apparently being processed while the one I sent to the MOL was forwarded to the WDA for processing.

I’m not sure how much of a rush you’re in, but if it were me I’d wait a little bit for an official response so you know where you stand legally before taking the case further. I think it’s kind of useful in these kinds of interactions/complaints to have official letters with you to support your argument, because it makes it more difficult for your employer (and government staff) to brush off your complaint out of hand and consider it resolved.

No idea how long the WDA will take to respond. I’ve found some government agencies to be quite fast and others quite slow, but at least this is a general query about something within the WDA’s remit that shouldn’t require much outside consultation (in contrast to complaining to the FSC about a bank, for example).


It doesn’t make sense to me that the food allowance isn’t taxable income but your tax is calculated assuming it is. :man_shrugging:

this is the double standard thing is going on. that is why i have big confusion now, the document they are showing to me seems different and the documents they are showing to tax department is different.