Company's address change

Which institution is responsible to change my company address in Taipei ? Office of Commerce?

ALright, found it by myself. Taipei City Hall Northern Entry. 1000 NT$ fee. You need to bring your stamps and all related documents from the office owner. There is one English speaking person who can help. It is worth to spend an hour time and save 6000-8000 NT$ (that’s what a normal CPA would charge)

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The change of address will need to be filed with Taipei City Government first and then the tax authority.

With Taipei City Government you mean the place I went? Taipei City Hall Northern Entry? Cuz They told me I don’t need to do anything more, they will send it to another institution and all I need to do is wait 3-5 days.

Change the address with Taipei City Government first which appears to be what you have done. You should still need to change it with the tax authorities as well though. This will need to be done at your district tax office.

I see. Thank you for your input. I’ll keep positng here when something new happens.


I would like to change my company address that’s currently registered in Taipei to Tainan, other than physically go to Taipei City Hall to do it, can I do it remotely? I’m in Tainan now. You help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for this. I am being quoted around 10,000. I don’t suppose the government fee has also inflated 25% to 30% over the past 10 years?

This seems to be the online form for starting the process in Taipei: One-stop online application for companies, commercial and limited partnerships 公司與商業及有限合夥一站式線上申請作業 (

I think a Change of Company Address would fall under 2. (5)

(5) Local companies that completed company registration may apply for basic modification on company registration.

I found it on this page when looking for the Northern Entry for Taipei City Hall
Taipei City Office of Commerce-Company Registration (

In the One-Stop Shop Form above, it seems to distinguish between “Business” and “Company”. I wonder if the difference is that a “Business” is a sole proprietorship or partnership and a “Company” has shareholders.

Yes, these links are for the Office of Commerce at Taipei City Hall

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