Compassionate Hippo?

What do you think?

Interesting. There’re too many cuts to make me believe that’s 100% what happened, but it’s cute to think about.

Actually, that is exactly what happened. That video was shot here in South Africa by a tourist in one of the national parks. It was on a wildlife program called 50/50, where they used to have a regular segment about unusual (wildlife-related) things captured on film/photograph. This one won a prize, I’m sure. We saw most of the unedited version, without all the cuts in the youtube version… truly amazing. Animals are often capable of emotions and actions which we usually think are reserved only for humans.

Nah, it wasn’t compassion for the beastie, it just winding up the croc.


The hippo tried…and certainly seemed to try to comfort the little creature.

Says more for the hippo than some people I have come across.