"Compensated Dating" in Taiwan?

The local papers here say this fad from Japan has already hit Taipei but I have never heard or seen of it. Has anyone seen it happening in Taiwan yet? Curious.

This reporter is from Japan. And as we all know, as Japan goes, so goes Taiwan. SOGO’s Taiwan. Hehe.

And Vork recently said there is prostitution on college campuses here in Taiwan. Although I can’t verify that and he can’t either. Anyway read this report and interview. It seems true for Japan. Could it happen here? It is also happening now at big malls in the USA, according to Newsweek. Maybe this is the future. ouch!


headline says: “Paid dates the norm for many girls in TOKYO”

The following is the reporter’s interview with them.

How did you start compensated dating?

Girl A: B said she needed money, so I started to help her. That’s all.

How do you arrange dates?

Girl A: Once you post a message on a cell phone Net chat site, such as “Would you like to go out with an elementary student?” you can get many responses.

How did you learn the method?

Girl A: From my cell phone mail friend. She’s been doing compensated dating a lot and she came up with that idea one day.

Do you have more friends who do this sort of thing with you?

Girl A: I know three other girls

Elementary school! these are BABIES! :cry: It’s so sad. How sick are these men! And where are the parents! If I new this was going on in my community I wouldn’t let my young daughters leave the house until they’re 18.

This is rather old news formosa.

elementary school and junior high, larsen ni, this is NEW news, as dreamWarrior alarmingly says.

What’s your take on this? can it happen here at this young level? babies!

I know compensated dating has been going on for years at the KTV level and in universities but lower than that - yikes.

Elementary school students ? I doubt it. How could they get away with it ?

Great. That’s all Taiwan needs - yet MORE prostitution. Sheesh. Doesn’t Taipei have the highest level per capita of prostitutes in the entire world? Why such the insane demand?

What!? Where did you get that idea?

What!? Where did you get that idea?[/quote]This has been going around for a while. I’ve never seen official research on this. Can’t find any stats on the net now. Anyone?

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Anything is possible when people need money. So far, it seems kids are more liberal now at an earlier age. Getting dates via cellphones messaging and getting a cut. Kids pick up too many things now watching Movies and surfing the internet in the digital age.

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One word:


men are evil.

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maybe it’s because she lives in Taidong where girls are kept shut in their rooms or have curfews and escorts until they are fit to be married at 16.

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