Competent AC repair guy in Taipei area

Does anyone know a competent AC repair guy in Taipei area? I mean this because there are a lot of AC repair guys in Taipei but I have no way of knowing if they are competent. The person who installed my AC is not competent… kept releasing R410a or R22 into the air. Scary.

I need someone to check if the AC unit in my shop is even properly charged because while it cools it does it slowly… as in there are periods of time when it’s cool, and when it’s not cooling even though the compressor is running all the time. It does not cool the shop at all during the day and at night it cools, but slowly.

You might try asking your landlord for a recommendation.

I tried that, and he kept telling me it’s because I buy used AC unit and all that and that I should just spend the 40-50k on a new system. Basically he wouldn’t tell me. So I want to know if you guys know any.

what brand is it?
when our apartment’s A/C had a problem after being bought, we just called Daikin.
They sent out guy who fixed the problem for free.

The indoor and outdoor unit is different manufacturer… The guy I bought it from basically runs a AC repair shop and he just mixes and matches them. Essentially he installed it, and 3 times the outdoor unit/compressor was either bad, or the coils leaks badly. Finally he gave me this one, compressor is good and all that but it just doesn’t seem to cool fast enough. I do not know if it’s because the AC is undersized or because the coolant charge is low. I do not think the guy knows how to work on R410A systems at all because it seems to have quirks about charging it.

I don’t remember who made the outdoor unit, the indoor unit seems to be made by Heran.

I do not think I get manufacturer’s warranty, I bought it second hand.

This guy hacked a AC unit together that he can’t even fix??

Honestly if I were you I’d just throw the whole mess out, get a proper unit installed, and never patronize this person again. I can’t imagine most ordinary AC repairmen are going to know how to fix a Frankenstein setup. I doubt that’s something they typically encounter. And god knows what else could go wrong.

This is why I buy new stuff.