Complaint against excessive moderation

I don’t think what I wrote warranted a ban of a whole month. What’s so wrong about wishing people I hate death? I wasn’t even personally attacking anyone.

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You’ve been warned previously not to make such comments. This isn’t a website where you can post anything you want, including profanity laden statements wishing a painful death, etc., ad infinitum, on people. I don’t know about anybody else but I wouldn’t spend time in a place where that was something I had to read by being there.


Have you never wished something terrible happening on people you hate?

Let’s get to the core issue… why do you have such strong feelings as “hate” towards people on an Internet forum? And if you hate the people here, why do you post here?

And no, I’ve never wished “death” on anyone (who wasn’t a dictator, or murderer or rapist in the news… small caveat).




What’s with the hate ? Chill.

But the bans are a bit weird sometimes, I also once got banned for 2 weeks for asking if someone’s wife to be was hot


IIRC the death wishes weren’t targeted at any forumosa posters, they were aimed at politicians.

The bottom line is if someone is told to stop doing something by a person in authority and carries on doing it then some kind of punishment is bound to happen. I won’t backseat moderate about whether or not a month ban is excessive. The ban is what it is.

I was wondering what had happened to Gain. Also, where are yyy and Finley?

You got suspended also after a warning after repeatedly harassing someone asking a serious question with varyingly offensive nonsense.

Mods need a vacation sometimes :slight_smile: Other people come and go at times as well

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I might start two threads, one titled “Carbs are good!” and the other packed full of logical fallacies. They won’t be able to resist.


Probably she wasn’t…

Seriously, I don’t understand why some posters here are so childish. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only normal person in this forum or what.


Was wondering where you went. I thought maybe you finally got fed up with the place and bailed forever.

I can’t leave the only place where I’m “respected”




Lol, okay

That’s not the point. The point is to keep it to yourself.

That makes one of us. :sunglasses:




I got banned a few times. Welcome to the club.

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Who wished death on people on an internet forum? I wish politicians death.

I feel that all the time, and most people here are way older than me.

Why should I keep it to myself? Is there a rule against wishing people death, especially when they won’t even read it?

In light of your ban, there apparently is.



Believe me, I have to tone down what I write all the time :slight_smile: