Complaint against excessive moderation


I don’t think my posts were uncivil at all and that rule gives way too much power to the moderators.


It’s a question of how that power is applied. If for example I suddenly went apeshit on pictures of cats and removed them and banned people for posting them repeatedly after a warning, there would be fair question as to whether that was appropriate. However, I feel strongly that statements such as those you have been asked not to make definitely qualify as “antisocial”, “objectionable”, etc (not to mention “uncivil”.) Many different kinds of people use this forum, and I think a good many would agree with me about such statements, and that this website is a better and more enjoyable place for everyone for them being disallowed. Hence my action.


I can’t resist.


Welcome back, little buddy.
You were missed.

Porcus irrumator praetor non carborundum



I see what you did there


Ha. But I have escaped so far. Also a bit worried about the use of irrumator…few different interpretations :thinking:


Totally agree! This forum is just a more pleasant experience when those who deserve to be banned are. :clap::clap::clap:


I’ve been back for nearly a year and haven’t been banned. That is like a modern era record. :runaway:



Suspended, not banned, meatheads.
Banned, you don’t get to come back.


How do these suspensions/banning work? I mean, can’t the suspended/banned person just create a new username/profile under a different email address?


Yes, but if you get caught sockpuppeting you’d probably get your IP banned.


Yes, but I thought not all internet connections are on fixed IP addressees (honestly don’t know as I’m no IT expert). And what about people who use VPNs?


For suspension they put an electronic ankle bracelet on you that shocks you any time you try to log in.

For banning, they surgically remove the part of your brain that remembers what is.



Charleton Heston steampunk c 2014 look


Robert Gunner, actually.





Dude looks like James Franco got kicked in the head by a horse.


Nah, I think that’s the kick from @mad_masala’s racy video.