Complaint against excessive moderation


We can only wish


Mine are more like racey.


I had to like that comment.

On a side note… I have spent TWO MINUTES of my life on Paint for just ONE like? Really?

I think I’m getting tired of Forumosa.


Right that for ye!




I’m interested in something. I didn’t see Gain’s comment so I don’t know how far it went, but by a quick show of hands, who has actually wished literal death on someone? I mean I can see not caring if someone dies, or even hoping someone has a miserable existence, but I don’t think I’ve ever thought I hope someone dies regardless of how bad I think they are. I thought maybe I’m an outsider on this one.

I could do a poll but that seems like so much work…


You probably are. I imagine brutal death scenarios on people I hate all the time and I believe other people do the same.


I’m liking your comment because you’re honest, but I don’t really endorse your brutal death scenarios.


That’s, uh, not normal. I agree that yer not alone in this, but, uh, yeah, that’s just not normal behavior, better than carrying out such actions for sure, but yeah…no. :eek:


I often do that too, so do most people if they are honest about it. Especially when nearly getting hit on side walks by scooters or when crossing the road by foot on a white crossing line and no one gives way.


It’s not like I’m plotting anything. It’s more along the line of stuff like this:




"The Bottom Line

Homicidal thoughts don’t often mean that a person will kill. They do mean something , though—for some, a cry for help; for others, a way to feel more in control; and for still others, a warning that something bad may happen. Getting help for persistent homicidal thoughts is something anyone should do."


Psychology is a patriarchal construct, though


I believe Ziggy Freud would beg to differ…


all comes down to relationship with one’s mother, Freud says, right?


I wasn’t part of the moderation but thought I would chime in. Forumosa has to watch it’s back from lawsuits. For this reason one of the site rules is not to advocate any illegal activity.

Wishing death on a public figure in a specific manner is way beyond crossing the line and would get you banned from any public platform, twitter, Facebook, youtube or where ever.


Sure, I think they already discussed that above. I don’t have much problem with the moderation.

I was talking more on a personal level. Internalized, even.


@Mick is right.
Think of if said words were heaped on a certain person with orange hair.
a visit from the SS might not be out of the realm of possibility


Well, in that regard my answer would be no. I have and do wish some people could be held accountable for their actions, legally, and through a process which would be fair and still allow for them to defend their innocence.


I don’t know if it’s normal or not, but this is just not something I do.