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I have been watching this discussion to see where it would lead.

I’m strongly of the belief that you never wish harm to anyone else as it can always come back on you.

People being held accountable for their actions/behaviour and taking responsibility for your own, this was something I was told form a very young age.

This is not some hippie beliefs as I had quite a destructive childhood/ young adulthood.
I think when you see a lot of violence (real not in movies and games where it’s glorified), you see the affects it has on people around you. It makes you think twice about making threatening statements just for attention.


You’ve obviously never spoken to my wife about me


This thread in a nutshell:

I have that album back home and I never noticed there was a pic of @Dr_Milker on the bottom left.
Not the last one bottom left, next to that, you racist.


My face is up here, pervert!


Seek help.


Fantasizing about murder is really weird.


Once you get your career going, I believe you’ll have plenty to occupy your mind and heart.

If it’s already going, maybe you could consider diverting those kinds of passions to the constructive pursuit of your career.

Just a suggestion, just a suggestion. :slight_smile:


Might oughtta to be a separate thread.

I don’t wish people dead, but :crazy_face: to put myself to sleep I do on occasion imagine that I am able to travel in a large, blue glass tube, in all media and even in time. It’s a real fancy glass. This glass tube is literally indestructible, able to hover indefinitely, completely self-supporting (air, food, water, etc.), and I’m able to get in and out as I wish. It can come pick me up if need be, too. I think of it as blue-tubing.

Then I go back in time and watch stuff. Famous battles, some specific times in history, stuff like that. Pompeii, Cannae, Narbonne, Stirling Bridge, the Comancheria, the moon landing, Mars ten million years ago, etc. Star Trek rules apply (can’t effect any changes, benevolent intent, yada). Whatever seems dangerous at the time.

So that’s something I do. :blush:


I always knew @bojack was a voyeur. :wink:


Udderly untrue. And I am looking at your eyes!


We all know you just watch Cleopatra bathe in milk and emerge from the pool with her hair pouring precious goat liquid while I…

Wait, we were talking about you. Apologize, u weirdo.


Hmm, new trip tonight I guess. Ty!!


Some sociopaths are smart enough to mask their sickness just enough to climb to positions of real power, such as being CEO of multinational corporations or heads of state. And then there are others who don’t have such talent…


Are you saying @Gain is a sociopath??




I didn’t mean for this to be a means to attack Gain. He’s been pretty honest with us and it seems he’s not the only one. That being said, if it’s affecting his life or well-being, maybe there’s some productive information that can be posted.


I’m not a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but I think that it’s far, far from certain that such language is evidence of a sociopathic personality.

The point I was trying to make was that adversarial-type careers tend to siphon off those kinds of passions.

When Muhammad Ali was a kid, he wanted to beat up the person who stole his bicycle. A police officer intervened and directed him to a boxing gym. Then the whole thing became a bunch of training, and after that a bunch of work.


I would suggest meditation. It sounds like @gain may need a little equanimity in his life, and meditation really helps.



So I’m guessing metta meditation isn’t your bag?