Complaint against excessive moderation


I think he had to at least come in and address the extensive discussion that was being had about him by the other posters.

I appreciate that he stirs the pot a bit. Gets everybody riled up. What’s life without a little drama, mama?


Looks like he’s rockin’ a killer (air) guitar solo!


I sometimes meet someone and after having a conversation or interaction I have these ‘dream state’ experiences of putting daggers in and/or shooting bullets at that person! Is it just me?


Okay, we’re up to 3 people. Starting to seem not as unusual as one would expect.


no, it’s your country’s beer you’re drinking


Thank you, now I know we’ve got some good stuff!


I occasionally have strange, real-life out of body experiences. When I snap out of it everyone else in the room has been massacred. I think this happens to everyone.


If the notebook on Death Note is real, you won’t like it to end in the hands of @Gain. He will probably worse than Thanos and wipe out more than 50% of the population.


You’re talking about psychopaths. Sociopaths cannot control their impulses. Makes bad for blending in. Throw in a narcissist and you have a real party.


Yeah, not sure if the w(h)acky grammar is a bug or a feature… :idunno:

Or you’re not using Paint very well. :2cents:


Those of you who have thoughts about death and destruction, are these mere fantasies, or are they active wishes? I think the distinction matters.


I might censor #1, depending on the context, but that type of remark is less concerning in terms of mental health.

Or to put it another way, there was once a death metal musician who was gruesomely murdered by a Satanist, who reasoned that the victim deserved to be punished for insulting Satan by singing insincere songs about death and destruction, or something like that. Most people would agree, even if the songs were in bad taste, they weren’t on the same level as actively wishing for death and destruction.

Sorry, black metal, not death metal.

Oh, and I am very concerned when a post like that includes an “I’m not even joking”, as a post by Gain once did.


Probably wishing death on someone could be illegal in Taiwan when considering witchcraft is still illegal in such “progressed” countries as the UK. Therefore I don’t doubt that wishing bad fortune and death could be outlawed under some sort of witchcrafty type law in supertstitious Taiwan as well.


Sometimes I find myself wishing I could be Batman and kill evil people vigilante style.

I am the night…:bat:


Nothing to hope there, they will die and so will you!


I’m not advocating one way or the other, but opinions vary about whether it’s socially acceptable. I can’t agree with the sentiments expressed below, but I don’t recall being shocked or outraged on hearing them expressed:

–Bob Dylan, “Masters of War,” ca. 1962


Yeah, I was thinking that as well. Imagine if he wrote it at the end of the Vietnam excursion.