Complaint department for bus service?

I am wondering if there is an official complaint department for the city buses, and if so, whether anything could at the least be put on a driver’s record.

I know, “This is Taiwan, you just don’t understand Chinese culture, if you don’t like it leave.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way, how about it?

You just don’t understand Bus Driver culture!

There are usually little pieces of paper in a little plastic see-through cradle thing about halfway up the bus on the left-hand side (If you’re looking from the back of the bus). They’re stuck on the wall at about the height of the support rails you need to grab onto every time the bus driver changes from brakes off to brakes on (since a lot of them don’t seem to realise there’s any in-between).

Anyway, apparently they are feedback slips, and you can complain about the bus driver there. I guess there are details about where to send it, etc.

There also might be a toll free number written on the back of the bus. You’d be best off recording the license plate number of the bus, and getting the driver’s name if you’re able to do so before calling.

I’ve never called one of these numbers, though, so it might just all be for show.



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Even if there was do you actually think they would give a shit?

I pretty much agree with shifty. What I forgot to mention before is there are at least a handful of different bus companies operating in the Taipei area. I’m not sure if there is a centralized phone number for all of the companies, or if each company has it’s own number. I’m guessing it’s probably the latter.

Good luck, and stay safe.

You can and should complain. Just call City Hall.

Aren’t the busses here all run by private companies?

I don’t think there is any such thing as a City Bus, unless by that you mean a Bus that drives around the City.

But all busses have signs with telephone numbers posted inside. They ask you to remember bus #, location and date if you call in with a complaint.

The city of Taipei was in the process of privatizing the bus companies. I’m not sure if it’s completed yet, but you can definitely tell the difference between some bus companies. There are some I avoid. Hopefully more people do the same. Some have feedback slips of paper inside. Some scroll their telephone numbers and urls across their LED displays.

They seem to scroll everything across their LED displays these days apart from the fricken stops!

There used to be Taipei City Public Buses (the Zero South) was one of them (among many others) but as Richardm says above, the city has gotten out of the game. The Zero South is now run by the “???” company and other companies have taken over the other routes. They are still the same buses (in most cases, white with blue seats), and the numbers are the same, heck the drivers may be too, just instead of Taipei City Public Bus in the window it will say ??? or similar.

Yes, they would. If enough people called. If you were in the service industry and doing a crap job and lots of people called about you don’t you think your supervisor would do something about it? At least have a word? I’ve spoken with fellow passengers about particular drivers (specifically one guy who drives for Hsin-hsin Bus Co. ???) and he’s not as bad as he was before…

Anyway, a few years ago you would never have seen toll-free service numbers, bus driver names, ID numbers, etc. all around the buses, but now everyone’s got 'em. It’s not 1999 anymore. :wink:

(If anyone can help me with posting Chinese, that’d be great… :unamused: )

I think it’s the capital bus company (the one with the ISO numbers and the santa outfits) that posts the English name of the bus driver on the back of the bus, so it says like 張三 and then “Terence” underneath. Yeah I imagine that company would take complaints seriously.

Yeah, it’s Capital alright (of the 235, 229, 518, etc.). I was in Linkuang the other day and I saw a 229 roll past (in its way back to Erchong) and the driver’s name? Yaweh! Man, I wanted to take the bus and talk to him, but had business elsewhere.

I mean, who’s going to dare complain about Yaweh?? I bet that guy’s won thousands of awards–more than will fit in his front window, that’s for sure. My bus driver, Yaweh, was all over the road, running down helpless old ladies in the crosswalks! like that’s ever going to happen. :laughing:

Gotta love those Capital drivers. :slight_smile:

I took the 645 home today and the driver kept talking on his cell phone. This line usually has above average drivers, but they do have a few stinkers. I didn’t complain, even though they have the little complaint forms inside. I wouldn’t know what to do with it after I filled it out. I’m sure the driver would tell me.

To air your complaints about bus service,call: 2729-1181 (DOT hotline). Be sure to note the bus route number, time, location and the bus driver’s name. If you don’t speak Chinese, have a local friend make the call, as most of their staff don’t speak English.

My that was a blast from the past! Did you make a complaint, d/bones?

No, but I was browsing the DOT websites , came across that number, and tried to find the best place on 'mosa to post it, for the convenience of others. (Actually I was looking for info on the number of motorcycles and accidents in Taipei, as well as bus accidents. I’ll post a summary shortly. :p) I’m sure I’ll end up calling that number before long though. I strongly believe that if we want to improve our surroundings we have to take the initiative, whether it is reporting polluters, dangerous taxi and bus drivers, drunk drivers, or what have you.

[quote=“llary”]They seem to scroll everything across their LED displays these days apart from the fricken stops!

i say pick an opportunity to say hi and tell the driver what you think he shouldnt be doing? Hopefully in a non argumentive way tho? It can be dangerous. !!

I once had a driver who pulled to a halt at my stop where I and several people were waiting but then took off bout 15 feet down the road and stopped again. And after we had to run to catch the bus took off again at high speed. I paused ot ask the driver why he had taken off without us getting on and we then had to run (and some people just gave up and waited for the next bus). And he said he felt we were taking too long to board the bus and he had no time for that!!

So I said that perhaps if he didnt want to serve the public then he shouldnt be a bus driver. He stopped the bus right in the middle of the road and looked like he was going to throw me off the bus. But he stopped himself and continued on.

I have since that time seen him a few more times when i took his bus and guess what? Each time he had driven slowly (by bus driver standards) and been quite attentive to his customers? I guess that he went home that day and thought about it? And came to the conclusion that I was right. It was a very hard job, being a bus driver and if he wanted to do it, he should do it with a personal driven sense of professionalism? So sometimes it works. But be prepared for a crowbar across the face tho??? Or being thrown off the bus into 3 lanes of traffic??? :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :unamused: :unamused: