Complete beginner to scooter license. How long?

I have never had a car, motorcycle or scooter license. I have rode a scooter before on an island in Thailand, where I crashed it. I would like to get my scooter license here in Taiwan. As a complete beginner, how long will it realistically take me to learn, and pass the test? I have a lot of free time.

A week. But then a year to feel comfortable on the road. In that year you will have a few crashes. Hopefully not too big.


How intense is the test?

The riding part is a challenge.

Is there a written exam for the scooter test?

I’ve never had a crash and put 50000k on in 5 years. Maybe dumb luck but I just kept my eye out for bad drivers and so far so good

My three main suggestions for new drivers.

People can pop out of nowhere without them looking so beware of the obasan going the wrong way from a side street. Why? because screw you that’s why, they’re old and they have places to be.

You are responsible for whatever happens in front of you. Even if an old lady cuts you off from the side road, if you hit her you will be at fault. That old lady’s been cutting people off for years and by some stroke of fate she’s still alive, she’s not going to start looking now. For some weird reason many people don’t care about what happens behind them nor will check their mirrors. They figure that’s your problem.

And finally there is No such thing as right of way. Biggest vehicle wins… know the pecking order or you’ll get run over by a gravel truck, Cletus driving a blue truck, or that taxi that just stopped for a bottle of Gaoliang and betel nut 5 minutes before.

As far as the test it’s easy. Drive around a loop in so many seconds without touching the side lines, stop for a pedestrian crossing (that once you pass the test you will never stop for again practically but not legally speaking) , stop at a railway crossing, and drive without stopping or putting your foot down except for the crossings. Ez peasy.

Now you have a paper that proves you can drive legally. Break a leg!


As OP has no license at all, yes. But you can practice that easily.

For someone who doesn’t ride scooter regularly that balancing test slow riding a straight short line not under 7 seconds is probably the hardest. If you have a scooter already, you might want to practice this. I think you have 2 attempts, otherwise you have to retake the test.

Did you have previous driving experience. Op does not have a license and has only driven a scooter once before and crashed.

Actually no. Let’s just say when I arrived ‘ghost scooters’ were a thing.

But yeah since he already crashed once he should do a lot of practice in parking lots and empty spaces before going on the road

Do people at the test centre speak English?

I went to Taipei instead of Kaohsiung to get my license exchanged simply because I figured there was a better chance of English language ability. The Bade office in Taipei has people they speak good English. Had no major issues.

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Awesome that’s good to know thank you.

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Also I feel like for the older folks who just drive wherever the fuck they want there’s an element of throwbackism 50 years ago when they started driving and there really were no rules on the road in Taiwan back then.

For younger people who don’t follow the traffic rules… yeah really no excuse.


I was being a bit tongue in cheek before but yes, when they learned to drive there were few scooters on the road and probably not much regulation.

There is an online practice test which has been linked to in the forums. It looks very handy if the questions are the same as the actual test…

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