Complete Guide to Opening a Rep Office 2011 Update


Appreciate it, are there any agents in Taiwan who helps foreign companies make rep office there?


I’ve never heard of an agent that does this, although there are accounting firms that do. Here’s one that has good word of mouth on Forumosa

As far as I know they aren’t cheap though. Feel free to email me if you are looking for other options.


[quote=“yuli”][quote=“Neoni”]“A letter stating that the landlord agrees to have your rep office established at the address”

Anyone have a form of this? So I can just give it to my landlord to sign it?[/quote]

Let me try and dig up the one i used…[/quote]

No luck - my papers are in storage (since i’ve been traveling, sort of, for the last 13 months and will likely not be settled for another half year), and a certain portion of my data - specifically those that i saved on the little computer i bought in Taiwan, which included those pertaining to my rep office application - got lost during a system re-install. Meaning, by the time i get to those papers you should have done your thing already… anyway, it seems from other people’s experience that a form is not necessary…


That’s a good point. If your company name shows on the lease, then it’s enough to provide a copy of that. You won’t need a letter.

I just realized I missed that point in the English explanation, thanks Yuli!


Thats good info. Make it a bit easier.

Jusregal wants 18,000nt for making rep office. 20,000nt for doing all the stuff with CLA and NIA. Costs might be higher if You want Your rep office to be in other city then Taipei. But not much, like 6,000nt at max. Any idea why is that?


Yes, because chances are they will have to go in person to wherever it is you open your office to set things up for you… that costs money.


I thought all will be done in MOAE in Taipei? Am I wrong?


That’s correct but they will still have to go to the place you open your office to set up the bank and tax stuff, if those are part of their service. Where are you thinking of opening your office?


Check email :slight_smile:


Hi there,

one question about the bank account(s) for a rep office: Did you open two accounts, one for the company and one for yourself, or do you take your salary just out of the company account?

Any input would be appreciated, thanks.


Two accounts is probably more “proper” but as long as we’re not talking huge sums I think you can probably get away with one. I’m not an accountant though so I could be totally wrong.


Thanks! :slight_smile: Any bank you would recommend? I think HSBC, Standered Chartered probably don’t want to handle my measly rep office

BTW: Thank you for posting this guide, without it I would be totally lost.


Don’t try foreign banks, they will pay attention to you until they realize you aren’t going to deposit 5M NT.
I’m with Cathay, so far love it. You will be forced (by law!) to open an account at a bank close to your office. Banks in Taiwan are a dime a dozen though, so if you aren’t having an easy time of it at one, go to another. I tried about 6-7 before hitting on a Cathay. If they want any fancy documents or notarized stuff just leave and go to another. Seriously.



I am currently in the process of opening a rep office and thought I would share two points, since there were some uncertainties in past posts

Legalization of incorporation document is NOT required anymore
Local notarization of POA is the preferred method

Source: Through a contact at Deloitte Taiwan I got this information:

which confirms above summary. I have also been at the MOEA myself a couple of days ago and confirmed this once more. When you can write the POA yourself (you are director of the foreign company) and you are already in Taiwan, do it here.

Sorry if this has already been clear to everybody, I was confused before and thought sharing it would be a good idea :slight_smile: 2013 update :wink:

Take care


Are you talking about the POA or the home company certificate of incorporation? Because the sentence above the bold Section 4. text refers to Section 3. The POA never required legalization—only notarization. Your second quote does state that the certificate of incorporation doesn’t need legalization either though, which is what I suspected (hence the sentence “The document used to require legalization…”)


Sorry, I updated my post.

And yes, you suspected correctly :slight_smile: I hope my post makes the current status more clear, since the English website of the MOEA ( still contains the legalization requirement.


Hi there,

another really stupid question: Is the contract that I need to present to CLA between me and the foreign company or between me and the rep office? I assume the latter, but I might be incorrect :slight_smile:



Between you and the foreign company. The rep is being send by the foreign company to run the office. So it’s the former :wink:


Can representative office have more than 1 representative?